Watching Rome Burn

The best reporting is done by journalists who bring you, the reader, the better story- the most accurate story- by going to the scene of important current events and reporting directly.

Almost ten years ago, I began going to important news events and documenting what I saw while there and getting these important stories to the interested and often misinformed reader. In that time I have reported from many different news current events and have authored over 175 articles. You will find those articles here at a place-after all of what I have seen- is aptly titled: Watching Rome Burn.

This is not a blog. It is my archive of a body of work that has all been published, often re-published, and translated by news services worldwide. The search for the better story, as you will read if you will, has taken me directly to locations in many countries.

I have personally funded all of my work.  Donations, no matter how small are gratefully received and put towards getting to the next live story. Please consider supporting my work.

In a world of deliberately slanted reporting designed to fool your thinking and insult your intelligence, I travel, as much as I can afford, to you bring a much better report.

I hope you will find the many articles archived on Watching Rome Burn a much the needed kick in the ass to join in and fight against a world gone mad.


It is time!

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