Why “Watching Rome Burn”?

Long ago… the best reporting was done by journalists who brought you, the reader, the best story, the most accurate story by going to the scene of important current events and reporting it directly.

Today, few news services provide on-scene reporting of their own, opting instead to offer their readers regurgitated reporting shared by the mainstream news services.

Eight years ago, I started going to important news events and documenting what I saw and getting it to the interested reader via many good alternative news sources that publish my ongoing work. These stories have been given very strong readership from a huge number of concerned people who recognize that the best story comes from the source.

I personally fund all my work and have financial obligations only to the full complete uncensored story. Donations, no matter how, small are greatfully received and put towards getting to the next story. Please consider supporting my work.

In a world of deliberately slanted reporting designed to fool your thinking, I travel… to you bring a better report.

It is time for better reporting. It is time to get involved. It is time to care.

I hope you will find the many articles archived on Watching Rome Burn a much the needed kick in the ass. Consider…

It is time!

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