The Geography of War: No Iraq…? No Iran!

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

No other country in the Middle East is as important in countering America’s rush to provide Israel with another war than Iraq. Fortunately for Iran, the winds of change in Iraq and the many other local countries under similar threat, thus, make up an unbroken chain of border to border support. This support is only in part due to sympathy for Iran and its plight against the latest bluster by the Zio-American bully.

In the politics of the Middle East, however, money is at the heart of all matters. As such, this ring of defensive nations is collectively and quickly shifting towards the new Russo/ Sino sphere of economic influence. These countries now form a geo-political defensive perimeter that, with Iraq entering the fold, make a US ground war virtually impossible and an air war very restricted in opportunity.

If Iraq holds, there will be no war in Iran.

In the last two months, Iraq parliamentarians have been exceptionally vocal in their calls for all foreign military forces- particularly US forces- to leave immediately. Politicians from both blocs of Iraq’s divided parliament called for a vote to expel US troops and promised to schedule an extraordinary session to debate the matter.“Parliament must clearly and urgently express its view about the ongoing American violations of Iraqi sovereignty,” said Salam al-Shimiri, a lawmaker loyal to the populist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

Iraq’s ambassador to Moscow, Haidar Mansour Hadi, went further saying that Iraq “does not want a new devastating war in the region.” He told a press conference in Moscow this past week, “Iraq is a sovereign nation. We will not let [the US] use our territory,” he said. Other comments by Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi agreed. Other MPs called for a timetable for complete US troop withdrawal.

Then a motion was introduced demanding war reparations from the US and Israel for using internationally banned weapons while destroying Iraq for seventeen years and somehow failing to find those “weapons of mass destruction.”

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When the Pendulum Becomes a Sword, Or… Deflating the Zionist Bully.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

“When the people no longer fear your power,It is a sign that a greater power is coming.”

-The Tao Teh Ching. 

The pendulum of history may have finally begun its backwards swing. In a world afflicted by the self-serving methods of the elite that beget their corporate greed and quest for unfathomable riches, this new pendulum swing may reverse the seemingly unstoppable, chronological tick-tock of the Empire’s worldwide daily horrors. Its downward arc is now that of the Sword of Damocles. For as Cicero (63 BC) accurately opined of this sword, waning political power and of the inherent power of the people en mass:

“… there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms?”[ 


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Opposition Party?!

Opposition Party?!

The Only Language Israel Understands.

The Only Language Israel Understands.
By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Israeli atrocity and imposed misery continues unchecked in Gaza. This summer’s wholesale slaughter did nothing to improve the lives of Palestinians. In Gaza, its much worse.

As explored in last week’s  Press TV article, an examination of the list of crimes committed against the Gaza population, just since the advent of this New Year, shows clearly six obvious conclusions. 1) Horrific Israeli aggression against Gazans continues daily, 2) Israel has no intention of honoring the terms of the August, 2014 cease-fire agreement, 3) at the peace table, neither Israel, Egypt, nor the Palestinian Authority, is actually pursuing peace for Gaza, 4) politicians across the globe continue to submit to Israeli pressure,... Read More

A Rational Reason For Not Voting! (for president)

A Rational Reason For Not Voting For President
By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

 These are desperate times for the American voter. Voters must, now, exercise creative thinking regarding this National election cycle.

As Americans prepare themselves to vote for one of the remaining presidential candidates, they do so this election with a sigh of defeated resignation while considering a choice of the “lesser of [three] evils.” However, in making their single reluctant choice  these voters fail to realize that they have still chosen evil. Is it not time that America said, “NOPE” to this failed facade of an election process?

Consider: what if you, the voter, actually had the power to negate the final result of this mandated Hobson’s choice, after election day? What if voters could effectively renew their political opposition to the president-elect before the inauguration?... Read More

Of Hacktivism, Hackers and Leakers: Resetting the Bar of Real World Journalism.

Of Hacktivism, Hackers and Leakers: Resetting the Bar of Real World Journalism.
By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

In a world of slanted journalism that pervades not only main stream media offerings but also the majority of “progressive” and “alternative” media, it is the hackers and leakers of vital information that are now providing a new and desperately needed return to real journalism. Recent examples of courage and risk in pursuit of full disclosure which counters media distortions of fact, must be followed. Hackers and leakers are- as shown this month- providing the public service mandate once enveloped within the vaunted parchment of the First Amendment- an obligation far too long forgotten.

America is the origin of media lies and a willfully ignorant public that believes them. Strangely, most US citizens wallow only in the proffered world of gray journalism- one that wraps the truth and the mind of the reader, instead, in the flag of... Read More

Failing World Banks Prepare to Steal Your Savings

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Just like in 2007, the predictable upcoming financial crash will arrive suddenly overnight and the new day’s world economy will be in chaos. At the starting gun of this “run on the banks,” you had better be pretty quick.

Your bank has almost zero cash.

“I’m sorry, Sir. We are unable to cash this check,” were the ominous words delivered to me by a fresh faced, none-too-friendly, Wells Fargo Bank manager. He had just kept me waiting ten minutes while in consultation about my transaction. Returning to his cubicle he sat down quickly, now looking at me intently through narrowed eyes.

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Occupy Wall Street- One Year Later?

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

One year. Really? It can seem like five years when considering all that Occupy Wall St., and the national Occupy camps,have accomplished in a mere 365 days or less. When reflecting on the national Occupy movement it is almost surreal as the memories flood in, and the stories of the national Occupy protests a recalled with passion.Sometimes it seems like this all started just weeks ago.

September 17, 2012, S17, is the first anniversary of the first, and original, Occupy camp at Zucotti Park in New York City. Thanks to the inspiration that was then, and still is,Occupy Wall Street,OWS, the largest collective national protest in 40 years erupted in damn near every city in America. In the space of just a few weeks the Nation followed the example set by Occupy Wall Street and set up similar camps with similar structures to highlight the quest of Americans for a means of protest.... Read More

Hamas brings hope to war-hit Gaza

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

You want to forget Israel, do so. We cannot do it. You want to forget Palestinian People? Go ahead. We Won’t.” – Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed  Hassan Nasrallah

 Predictably, Hamas is back: stronger than ever.

On Jan 14, 2015, Hamas suddenly convened a session of the Gaza parliament, suspended since a unity deal between Fatah and Hamas was agreed upon, this past  April. There was no attendance by, or invitation to, Fatah. Thanks to illegitimate president Mahmoud Abbas’ leadership, Gazans were left to rot in the post-war depths of Israeli created misery compounded with a bitter winter living amongst Israeli produced rubble. Deliberate delays in reconstruction, materials and funding; the ongoing, unchanged and crippling Israeli siege; and the Palestinian Authority’s withholding of tens-of-millions of dollars... Read More

Today Scotland. Next stop.. the world!!

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

“… we shall never in any wise consent submit to the rule of the English…” – Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland (1306- 1329 A.D.)

Indeed. Sage advice, past or present. Before him, across the Scottish landscape lay the vanquished English army of King Edward II. Surveying the thousands of dead and dying invaders, Robert the Bruce, new King of Scotland was in a position to gloat. Certainly history, hence, in Scotland and around the world has proved his synopsis correct.

Today, Alex Salmond and his Scottish National Party (SNP) may have keen use for these words of victory once again.

Today is a very important day. Not only for Scotland.

One thousand years before this nationalist Scottish king sent the English empire running home from the battle of Brannockburns, on June 24, 1314,... Read More

Dear Mr. Putin…

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

“A point comes when caution ends and cowardice begins.” -Eldridge Cleaver.


Dear Mr. Putin,
Have you suddenly been emasculated? As the fascist flag of Kiev slithered upwards beyond the flames of the House of Trade Unions building, the visible horror of the Odessa massacre ricocheted across the globe, and the stench of burning human flesh hung fresh in the sour air. Modern-day Nazi atrocity, murder, and barbarism have returned to your borders, Mr. Putin, in colorized newsreel fashion.

You merely watch?

Your Russian Foreign Ministry last week issued a “White Book,” a documented government report detailing the atrocities of the unabashedly fascist regime in Kiev. The White Book reveals what is already known to us; that the American backed junta loves and craves the taste of blood.

The only acceptable substitute is... Read More