Brexit Update: The First Rule of Holes.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

“Doesn’t the Prime Minister realize that she has handed over power…The power that they want, is to be able to demonstrate [EU power] to every other country that might be thinking of leaving the EU.”

-Dennis Skinner (MP-Labour/1970-present)

What a difference a day makes, or in the case of UK parliamentary political theatre applied to the ever-changing definition of Brexit; just a couple of hours will do.

Despite her Cabinet having been found inContempt of Parliament for the first time in UK history due to the cover-up of portions of the very damning Attorney General’s report on Brexit, UK Prime Minister- for now- Theresa May showed her continued contempt: she continued undaunted.

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2018, the day before the finale- the Vote -of this two-and-a-half year debacle anxiously awaited by Britons month-after-month, and still somehow called Brexit, our plucky PM would suddenly pull the rug out from under her own continuing farcical sideshow of Parliamentary and Prime Ministerial treason.

Unfortunately for the UK, Ms May, the Energizer Bunny of UK politics, just won’t quit. Does she not know about the first rule of holes?

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Brexit: Theresa May Goes Greek!

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Regularly presidents, prime ministers, congresspersons and parliamentarians worldwide negate the democratic will of their nation’s voters by refusing to support legitimate election results. Strangely, their treasonous actions continue without serious reprisal or punishment by the voter. This emboldens them. The reality of votes cast and “democracy” past does not does bode well for the people of the United Kingdom, their future as a nation or their hopeful return to sovereignty once called, “Brexit.”

While the name has not changed; the definition certainly has.

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Your Huddled Masses, Yearning…?

Your Huddled Masses, Yearning…?

TPP: What Media?! – The Whores of the 4th Estate.-Part Four

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Author’s Note: This is Part Four of a previous report direct from the 2012 San Diego TPP negotiations re-published by Activist Post to bring urgent awareness of the threat of TPP to its American and international readers. Like the European, TTIP, TPP is treason. TPP must be stopped. Now! B.R-T.

In the land of the “exceptional” a new, unjustifiable definition of journalism has over-ridden the previously time-honored tenants regarding the obligatory role of the press: that of presenting the whole truth of any story via documented facts. These-days, the role of the press is reduced to complicity in pervasive, blatant propaganda. Hence, it is not what the reader is told that truly matters; it is what is deliberately left-out.

So, as Chief US Negotiator at the San Diego Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations fled the scene of her crime- having moments before accused four US senators and one-fourth of the US House of Representatives of being liars- she strangely, it seemed, sought refuge from this reporter at the first of only three Press Conferences to be held during the eight day event

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STOP TPP: YOU! …are the “Technical Barrier to Trade [Greed]”- Part Five

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Author’s Note: This is Part Five of a series on the upcoming threat of TPP. The previous report was direct from the 2012 San Diego TPP negotiations re-published by Intellihub to bring urgent awareness of the threat of TPP to its American and international readers. In this, the final chapter, an update and references to the full text of TPP are provided. Like the European TTIP, TPP is treason. TPP must be stopped. Now! B.R-T.

You are a, “Technical Barrier to Trade” [Greed]. You are thus specifically defined within the finalized (Chapter 8) language of the finalized Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty(TPP). Or, you would be if you, the junk-food addled, disaffected and terminally apathetic American, finally cared enough to exercise any personal respect for self-preservation. As shown in the previous four-part series- from the San Diego TPP negotiations- the twelve nations of TPP had better wake-up. Quick!

This past weekend, many countries in Europe saw huge protests in their capital cities against TTIP (Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)- the European mirror image of the Obama inspired treason known worldwide as, TPP. Since TPP was finalized and then very quietly signed in New Zealand on Feb. 4, 2016, these past few months anti- TPP protests in the US are less than minimal.

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Did Rap Music Pull the Trigger?

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Within the forced anonymity of cold, hard concrete walls and non-stop, overhead fluorescent lights, rap musician, Brandon, “Tiny Doo,” Duncan remains in jail. It’s been almost six months. Duncan has no criminal record and knows that he was not involved in any crime.

The San Diego City district attorney agrees.

However, a newly fabricated crime, unique in legal reasoning , intends to incarcerate Duncan for at least twenty-five years. Or the rest of his life. For this crime he is ostensibly guilty: music.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. That was good news,” smiles attorney, Brian E. Watkins, as he leads the way from the waiting room into his private downtown San Diego office. Closing the door he continues, “That was the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). They’re going to be filing an Amicus Brief in support of our case.” The ACLU, thankfully, combined with the efforts of attorneys like Watkins, has been the historical bastion of Constitutional reason, fighting civil liberties violations effectively and aggressively for decades. They’re a very big hitter and Watkins knows it. The implicit and far-reaching issues of the Case of Brandon Duncan are quickly bringing others to attention. Watkins considers this a, “test case.” The ACLU apparently agrees.

Rightfully so.

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Justice Goes Deaf at Rap Music Trial.- Part Three

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Nine criminal defendants are not the only ones who are on trial, here, in a San Diego, California courtroom. This trial, it turns-out, is more about the American legal system. Today, this court’s irrational decisions, as attested to by the raised eye brows, sideways glances and sharp words of each of the nine defense attorneys present, proved, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the criminal sat, not in front of, but behind the bench.

American justice, as evidenced in the courtroom of Judge, David M. Gill this past Friday, Jan. 23, 2015, cares not any longer about the emasculated US Constitution. As the trial of innocent Rap musician, Brandon, “Tiny Doo,” Duncan began at 1:30 PM, it would be a matter of minutes before this supposed trial became a surreal, Kafka-esque scene of first-time, twisted legal logic; turning two-hundred-plus years of legal precedent into farce.

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A View to a Kill- The Police Killing of Evan Kwik (a true story)

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

One. Two. Three. Four uniformed police passed my window… moving silently, even paced, side-by-side, thirty feet from where I sit. The four black from head to toe, locked and loaded, black gloved fingers on triggers, staring from under black helmets straight through the lenses of high powered black scopes down the barrels of black automatic rifles pressed tightly to the shoulder pads of their matching flack jackets.

America’s authoritarian machine was in full force. On my street. Moving fast.

In moments our quaint four-block area of coastal north San Diego County would be sealed off. In our troubled times cops do as they please. When violating Constitutional protections they don’t like being seen. This scene, fiction? No. My street. America.

Cover, in the form of a small army, was coming. Full speed.

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A View to a Kill.(PART TWO): Slipping Into Darkness.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

With one more gargantuan push I heave my ballerina-like hulk through the clustered thicket of towering bamboo, and over a flimsy webbed-wire fence that was more than doing its job well. Spilling ass over tea kettle into the Jan’s backyard I clamor up, dust myself off, helping her over the offending fence. We creep into her house through the aluminum and glass sliding back door. Running to the front windows Jan draws the drapes. We peer out.


The waning afternoon sun is already casting shadows. Suddenly, a huge all-black military vehicle, giant tires, machine-gun and gunner on the roof, infests our entire view. It thunders to a stop no more than fifteen yards in front of us.




The turret gunner twirled, fixing a target on the front door of the hide-out. Six more tactical police, head to toe in olive drab,... Read More

A View to a Kill:(PART THREE):The Message: No Need for Handcuffs.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

After crawling about the back yard and both sides of the house, I had all avenues down pat. So, when the north side gate crashed immediately followed by multiple swirls of piercing white flashlights spot beams,  I knew my flowery nest was about to be tested.


” He’s not in the house”, said a third cop, joining the two in the center of the back yard lawn, spot beams going in all directions. Enveloped into the surrounding black night I could not easily see these black wraiths from my dark cave, except for  the lights flashing off their face shields.


With nowhere to go all three circled about confusingly flashing their lights around the yard, walking ever closer to my bush. Five feet away one beam crossed directly over my face and I could clearly see the cops face shield look right at me through the space in the big green... Read More

A View to a Kill (PART FOUR): Bullets of Sunshine.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Regardless, the denouement of tonight’s final act wound down slowly. The threat that had been Evan Kwik was over. That did not mean the citizens could go home. There was still a message being sent.


The crime scene once again became a hub of activity. Shortly one of the ambulances that had been stationed at the end of the street pulled up next to the front lawn. The sad machinations of the coroner arriving, many very official looking cops in coats and ties, or white shirts with badges, prowling about the house and the yard, huddled, talking in small groups of three or four.


The scene continued for more than an hour. Then,  on a rolling ambulance stretcher they brought out, all wrapped in a bright yellow tarp, a sarcophagus. The body of Evan Kwik.


My lack of a sweater, or an escape route, had my teeth chattering. I... Read More