When the Pendulum Becomes a Sword, Or… Deflating the Zionist Bully.

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“When the people no longer fear your power,

It is a sign that a greater power is coming.”

-The Tao Teh Ching.


The pendulum of history may have finally begun its backwards swing. In a world afflicted by the self-serving methods of the elite that beget their corporate greed and quest for unfathomable riches, this new pendulum swing may reverse the seemingly unstoppable, chronological tick-tock of the Empire’s worldwide daily horrors. Its downward arc is now that of the Sword of Damocles. For as Cicero (63 BC) accurately opined of this sword, waning political power and of the inherent power of the people en mass:


“… there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms?”[


Our civilized world has lived in despair and fear for far too long, failing to effectively push back the pendulum swing of tyranny because we fail to take action.


In a previous article, “The Day American Activism Died,” ineffective leadership, leadership that fails to understands that Direct Action applied to the First Rule of Democracy is the only kind that the Empire will respond to, was called to task, exposed as willfully useless, and indicted for its internal hypocrisy. Reviewing developments over this past few weeks, it just may be that world protests have now crossed the mental Rubicon from despair and inaction… to Hope and Direct Action.


Weekly in France, Direct Action has given political power to the Gilet Jaune and also to the people of France. Their weekly protest has put a new fear- fear of the people– into the capitalist conscience of the Macron Government. In London, the Extinction Rebellion has won a staggering victory! In Sudan, real revolution is taking hold. The Algerians are following all these examples. Elsewhere, world elections saw new politicians overthrow the Western-backed regimes in...Read More

The Day American Activism Died, or… Why Julian Assange Sits in Stir!

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           “Democracy Has Just Been A Word…Never Been An Act!” -Wall Graffiti / 2016 Thailand Military Coup.                                                                                                    5:05 AM. February 4, 2012. It’s almost pitch dark. No one has slept this night. The only morning illumination comes from scores of dimly glowing dots of blues, greens, yellows, reds or orange inside a patchwork of hundreds of still standing tents.... Read More

A Simple Mind At Work!!!

A Simple Mind At Work!!!

It’s Not Funny Anymore: Hypocrisy In Paris.

It’s Not Funny Anymore: Hypocrisy In Paris.
By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

 By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

A picture is worth a thousand words. A political cartoon? Volumes.

Parried with satire and parody, the awakening of truth through a single frame, roughly drawn cartoon is the circus mirror of reality that the satirist repeatedly shines at a constant target: hypocrisy. The weapon? Ridicule. Spawned of truth.

Humor being the most difficult form of art, the role of the political cartoonist this week became a tragic and terminal avocation. On Wednesday Jan. 7, 2015,  ten more journalists, these who worked for the satirical publication, “Charlie Hebdo,” were gunned down in pools of warm, very real blood and shell casings. They are now added to a long death toll of those brutally assassinated merely for daring to... Read More

Stopped!! Methane Blow-Out. Radioactive Fall-out. And … The Predictable Result.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

This past Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016 brought a welcome breath of fresh air to more than 4400 displaced Porter Ranch, CA residents. It was their first in more than four months. A mile or so due north and a thousand feet farther up the foothills of the Santa Susana mountains in Aliso Canyon, the nation’s worst environmental and health disaster since BP, has stopped. Natural gas well, SS-25 is dead.

After depositing more than 90 million metric tons of a very toxic gaseous cocktail from two miles deep under the mountains up into the atmosphere above 18.5 million mostly unsuspecting Angelenos, the corporate players who have caused this disaster are now assuring this same public that they are, suddenly, protecting their interests. As highlighted in the previous article, the... Read More

The Secret “American” Army.

Demo cartoon
By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

A  new American army is  growing on American soil. They are prepared.

In hushed tones during conversations across the breadth of the heartland of America there are whispers. Quiet talk. About an army. Of Americans? An army prepared to defend an increasingly oppressed population craving reprieve from their  government’s increasingly draconian methods. This army, they say, is growing.

After firm handshakes all around, Dan T. and Gene R., who I had good reason to believe were both retired military, settled into our task at hand. I was in their company for the day on business. During the one-day meeting Dan and Gene revealed that they were indeed career military. Dan, Army. Gene, retired Navy. I attempted to politely avoid political discussion in the interest of decorum.

So at the first comment on politics from my hosts I took a long deep breath. My... Read More

The Mastermind of Hamas: Who is Mohammed Deif?

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

 Without an army for the people, there is nothing for the people.  – MaoTse-tung (On Guerrilla Warfare)


Mohammed Deif is the most dangerous man in the world.

Confronted with the world’s two most militaristic national horrors, and with the civilized world looking on in hand-wringing anguish, Hamas has commanded both these villains of inhumanity to their knees; the negotiating table in Cairo.

The iron-fisted leader of Hamas, Mohammed Deif, is closer than ever before to a victory for the autonomy of Gaza, and a National victory Palestine.

More importantly a victory for the remaining civilized world.

The Israeli controlled media, having few facts about Mohammed Deif, much less... Read More

Terminal Apathy?: What Rats Say About Americans.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

“Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” – Aristotle

When considering the cause of national apathy, Americans are evidently physiologically and socially similar to the junk food addled laboratory rat. Both tolerate repressive environments while confined against their will in a maze. In the natural desire to escape and find freedom, like the affected rat, Americans passively accept their confinement, acquiescing without struggle to a life of controlled stimulation and manipulation by all manner of drugs, tests, and mandated choice of direction. In a country objectively descending into chaos, why don’t American care? In recent studies at the University of California/ Los Angeles (UCLA), these same rats evidence one reason for America’s irrational disinterest in self-preservation.

In ever-more-frequent and growing worldwide protests, resistance to the American empire’s imposed maze increases. Strangely, Americans offer no similar resistance at all. The social, economic, and political problems in the USA mirror those of an empire afflicted world, yet in the “exceptional” nation most would rather chew off their tails than find the energy to extricate themselves from their maze. Examples of exceptionally paltry public resistance and protest abound. Rarely does an American protest amount to more than a few hundred temporarily outraged souls who then quickly return to their couches when told to do so by the well-armed militia of the government they came into the streets to change.

Why is America the isolated case study of this strange domestic malady that may best be summed-up as: clinical, terminal apathy?

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From TPP San Diego/ U.S. Chief Negotiator Calls 135 Members of Congress, Four Senators, Liars!

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

“Is that thing on?” gasped Barbara Weisel, U.S. Chief Negotiator at the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations after having just accused four U.S. senators, and one hundred thirty-two congress persons, of lying to the American public.

This included reference to Sen. Ron Wyden who has, repeatedly, demanded to see a copy of the treaty. Milliseconds after accusing one fourth of the U.S. congress of being dishonest she spied the arch enemy of all political miscreants blinking menacingly next to her; the voice recorder.

Now, clutching this reporters’ voice recorder, she anxiously attempted to shut it off and, or, erase the recording. “You can’t record this”, she continued while still fidgeting with the gadget, obviously aware that she had been caught in several very inflammatory, and by all reports fraudulent, accusations. She is employed by congress. You would not know it to speak with her.

Reaction from Sen. Wyden’s Office was direct and swift despite the pending 4th of July holiday.

“It is disappointing that a member of the USTR staff would make comments like this in the press and it underlines the concerns of Members of Congress that the negotiators are not taking the interests and input of individual Americans seriously in the negotiating process.” responded Tom Caiazza, Press Secretary for Sen. Wyden

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TPP: What Media?! – The Whores of the 4th Estate.-Part Four

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Author’s Note: This is Part Four of a previous report direct from the 2012 San Diego TPP negotiations re-published by Activist Post to bring urgent awareness of the threat of TPP to its American and international readers. Like the European, TTIP, TPP is treason. TPP must be stopped. Now! B.R-T.

In the land of the “exceptional” a new, unjustifiable definition of journalism has over-ridden the previously time-honored tenants regarding the obligatory role of the press: that of presenting the whole truth of any story via documented facts. These-days, the role of the press is reduced to complicity in pervasive, blatant propaganda. Hence, it is not what the reader is told that truly matters; it is what is deliberately left-out.

So, as Chief US Negotiator at the San Diego Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations fled the scene of her crime- having moments before accused four US senators and one-fourth of the US House of Representatives of being liars- she strangely, it seemed, sought refuge from this reporter at the first of only three Press Conferences to be held during the eight day event

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STOP TPP: YOU! …are the “Technical Barrier to Trade [Greed]”- Part Five

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Author’s Note: This is Part Five of a series on the upcoming threat of TPP. The previous report was direct from the 2012 San Diego TPP negotiations re-published by Intellihub to bring urgent awareness of the threat of TPP to its American and international readers. In this, the final chapter, an update and references to the full text of TPP are provided. Like the European TTIP, TPP is treason. TPP must be stopped. Now! B.R-T.

You are a, “Technical Barrier to Trade” [Greed]. You are thus specifically defined within the finalized (Chapter 8) language of the finalized Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty(TPP). Or, you would be if you, the junk-food addled, disaffected and terminally apathetic American, finally cared enough to exercise any personal respect for self-preservation. As shown in the previous four-part series- from the San Diego TPP negotiations- the twelve nations of TPP had better wake-up. Quick!

This past weekend, many countries in Europe saw huge protests in their capital cities against TTIP (Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)- the European mirror image of the Obama inspired treason known worldwide as, TPP. Since TPP was finalized and then very quietly signed in New Zealand on Feb. 4, 2016, these past few months anti- TPP protests in the US are less than minimal.

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Did Rap Music Pull the Trigger?

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Within the forced anonymity of cold, hard concrete walls and non-stop, overhead fluorescent lights, rap musician, Brandon, “Tiny Doo,” Duncan remains in jail. It’s been almost six months. Duncan has no criminal record and knows that he was not involved in any crime.

The San Diego City district attorney agrees.

However, a newly fabricated crime, unique in legal reasoning , intends to incarcerate Duncan for at least twenty-five years. Or the rest of his life. For this crime he is ostensibly guilty: music.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. That was good news,” smiles attorney, Brian E. Watkins, as he leads the way from the waiting room into his private downtown San Diego office. Closing the door he continues, “That was the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). They’re going to be filing an Amicus Brief in support of our case.” The ACLU, thankfully, combined with the efforts of attorneys like Watkins, has been the historical bastion of Constitutional reason, fighting civil liberties violations effectively and aggressively for decades. They’re a very big hitter and Watkins knows it. The implicit and far-reaching issues of the Case of Brandon Duncan are quickly bringing others to attention. Watkins considers this a, “test case.” The ACLU apparently agrees.

Rightfully so.

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Mr. Obama…you mean American, “Accept-ionalism?”

Mr. Obama…you mean American, “Accept-ionalism?”
By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Dear Mr. Obama,

We cannot thank you enough for providing this past week a detailed and visually militarized definition of your failing country’s,“exceptionalism.” On May 28, 2014, to the cheers of budding West Point Military Academy cadets, you could not hear the global guffaws of laughter in response to your twisted excuses for this sad new lexicon of an ever threatened world.

Exceptionalism, however, describes America and American foreign policy much more accurately than you realize. Fortunately, and thanks to your finely crafted definition, we now know the cause of this affliction, a disease it seems, that is peculiar to US or Zionist controlled politicians.

Exceptionalism, the metaphor for horror and atrocity on behalf of Empire, has been available for illicit use since first brought into empirical popularity by... Read More