An Open Letter to the People of the United States from President Nicolas Maduro

By: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro


“Disinformation by Omission”: Not a single Western mainstream media has published, quoted or commented on President Nicolas Maduro’s Open Letter to the People of the United States (see Google search).
This letter is addressed to the People of America. Please forward this text far and wide, across the land.

Americans can then make up their mind. “Am I in favor or against the Trump administration’s resolve to intervene militarily against Venezuela?”


If I know anything, it is about people, such as you, I am a man of the people. I was born and raised in a poor neighborhood of Caracas. I forged myself in the heat of popular and union struggles in a Venezuela submerged in exclusion and inequality.

I am not a tycoon, I am a worker of reason and heart, today I have the great privilege of presiding over the new Venezuela, rooted in a model of inclusive development and social equality, which was forged by Commander Hugo Chávez since 1998 inspired by the Bolivarian legacy.

We live today a historical trance. There are days that will define the future of our countries between war and peace. Your national representatives of Washington want to bring to their borders the same hatred that they planted in Vietnam. They want to invade and intervene in Venezuela – they say, as they said then – in the name of democracy and freedom. But it’s not like that. The history of the usurpation of power in Venezuela is as false as the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It is a false case, but it can have dramatic consequences for our entire region.

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“The Portuguese Lift”: Why Politics And Media Are Deliberately Useless

By: Michael Brenner

On the San Francisco docks back in the old days, the longshoremen’s vocabulary included the term “Portuguese lift.” This was at a time when the stevedore’s work was only partly mechanized, so much of the hauling and pulling – and lifting was done manually. The slanderous phrase referred to workers who didn’t quite shoulder their fair share of the load while seemingly doing so. It was supposedly a way to lighten what one had to do while leaving to others the larger share of responsibility to get the job done.

Colloquial ethnic insults like that were common through the forties and fifties.

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A Simple Mind At Work!!!

A Simple Mind At Work!!!

When Your Bank Fails, Don’t Walk …Run!

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

So. The US economy is just fine. The post-recession 2010 Dodd-Frank legislation has cured all. Banks have lots of cash. Congress is your friend and that certain-to-pass Tax Cut and Jobs bill will finally allow you, your family and America to… MAGA.

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“…The Biggest Nuclear Blunder Of All Time!”

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

“This is the biggest nuclear blunder of all time!” – Ray Lutz, Founder/Citizens’ Oversight.

A corruption of human conscience has permitted 3.6 million pounds of highly radioactive nuclear waste to be put in thin-walled steel drums and buried forever – out of sight – in faulty concrete … one hundred feet away and inches above the high tide line of … the Pacific Ocean.

After Fukushima?!

Yes. The latest and perhaps most egregious American example of public health, safety, and local democracy being sacrificed maliciously to unseen corporate masters is ongoing in the courts and on the streets of San Diego County, California. The fight has begun anew on behalf of 8.7 million southern Californians who, thanks to media complicity, know little to nothing about another pending nuclear disaster at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), mere miles away. This is not the first episode in this saga, but the third: Public Good vs. Southern California Edison Company (Edison) and its allied minions of supposed public servants.

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American Blood Lust: From Women And Children To … Wolf Pups And Bear Cubs?!

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Are there any limits to American blood lust? This week America answered, “No!”

The shrill penetrating screams of innocent foreign children, in their death throes at the hands of an America gone mad, has become all too common – and under-reported. A self-absorbed nation cares not to hear the screams of the innocent.

As of this week the unheard cries of dying infant victims is no longer limited to human kind.

Now, the inherent evil that is the American Congress wants more of the blood of babes! If not stopped, this malignancy of conscience seeks new murders: within the tranquil silence of a mother bears winter lair and the peace and love of a momma wolf’s den! Just to enjoy the thrill of spilling the guts of these... Read More

A Brexit Lesson In Greek- Votes and Hopes Trashed on Parliamentary Floors.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

So…you, the UK voter, favored the Brexit! You, the EU voter, see the Brexit as the pendulum of democracy swinging away from un-elected central rule and returning to sovereign national priorities? You… will be proved wrong.

Sadly, yours is an optimism without memory of corrupt Members of the European Parliament (MEP) or of EU evils past and their backroom methods of dealing with the whims of free will, voting power and democracy. You must realize that these are anathema to the tenants of centralized rule. Indeed. History is about to repeat itself- less than a year later. Like the failures of Greece in June 2015, last week’s UK referendum is doomed.

Three-hundred-and-sixty-one days before the Brexit victory night of this past Thursday, Alexis Tsipras boarded a plane to Brussels with a confident smile on his face and a new populist referendum under his arm. As head of Syriza, the fledgling opposition movement avowed to stop EU hegemony over a positive Greek financial future, Tsipras had roared to power. In an attempt to fulfill this promise he scheduled a referendum- a non-binding popular vote requiring parliamentary approval- refusing troika financial demands of additional austerity that would further gut and sell-off his country to its core. Getting onto the plane Tsipras was all confident smiles and waves to his supporters. The world press was abuzz with the possibility of a Grexit from the EU.

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How To Stop Trump in Exactly… 60, 59, 58 … Days!

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

“Perhaps America will one day go fascist democratically, by popular vote.”

-William L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.


Indeed. These are desperate times for the American voter. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You, the American voter, had only a Hobson’s choice of one of three fatally flawed presidential candidates.  A choice for the “lesser of [three] evils” is still a choice for evil. And, so, here you are!

Petitions?  Protests?  Death treats? Nonsense!

An exercise in creative thinking by the rational, intelligent and scared voter reveals reason, motivation and opportunity to stop the advent of the horror that is this presidential election’s final result.

It also reveals a very plausible plan. It has only one weakness. You!

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How to Stop This Election Madness.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

In a mere sixty-one days after the election, on Nov. 8, 2016, the eventual president-elect can be stopped from taking the Oath of Office. It has happened three times before in US election history. However, this time it is the voter who can change the course of history. Every American man and woman, of every race, color, and creed, religion, ethnicity and sexuality over the age of eighteen can- this election- alter all US presidential elections, while seizing-back the reigns of a shattered democracy and Constitution.

Interestingly, deep under the rubble of what’s left of the eviscerated US Constitution lies an all-powerful shard awaiting to be used. Here the long-range wisdom and thinking of its authors two-hundred-plus years ago must now be fully considered and appreciated. The concerned reader will be pleased to learn that a treasonous Executive Branch,... Read More

A Whiff of Methane and the Odor of Corruption

Porter ranch methane gas leak
By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

“Oh! Sure. Twice, just last week,” answered Porter Ranch resident Jim Baker to the question about whether the smell of methane gas was reaching his home.


Residents across the affluent north Los Angeles suburb of Porter Ranch report the same smell. Not good: methane gas is poison. On day one of an on-scene look at the world’s largest natural gas leak, which every day spews uncontrolled at extremely high pressure the equivalent greenhouse gas pollution of 4.5 million cars, another distinct smell is becoming obvious: political corruption.


High above Porter Ranch, natural gas well Standard Sesnon 25 (SS-25) has been blowing high-pressure methane gas into the air for months. The exact date that the blow-out began is uncertain since the owner of SS-25, Southern California Gas Company (Cal Gas), reluctantly admitted to the massive pipe rupture... Read More

Stopped!! Methane Blow-Out. Radioactive Fall-out. And … The Predictable Result.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

This past Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016 brought a welcome breath of fresh air to more than 4400 displaced Porter Ranch, CA residents. It was their first in more than four months. A mile or so due north and a thousand feet farther up the foothills of the Santa Susana mountains in Aliso Canyon, the nation’s worst environmental and health disaster since BP, has stopped. Natural gas well, SS-25 is dead.

After depositing more than 90 million metric tons of a very toxic gaseous cocktail from two miles deep under the mountains up into the atmosphere above 18.5 million mostly unsuspecting Angelenos, the corporate players who have caused this disaster are now assuring this same public that they are, suddenly, protecting their interests. As highlighted in the previous article, the... Read More