When the Pendulum Becomes a Sword, Or… Deflating the Zionist Bully.

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“When the people no longer fear your power,

It is a sign that a greater power is coming.”

-The Tao Teh Ching.


The pendulum of history may have finally begun its backwards swing. In a world afflicted by the self-serving methods of the elite that beget their corporate greed and quest for unfathomable riches, this new pendulum swing may reverse the seemingly unstoppable, chronological tick-tock of the Empire’s worldwide daily horrors. Its downward arc is now that of the Sword of Damocles. For as Cicero (63 BC) accurately opined of this sword, waning political power and of the inherent power of the people en mass:


“… there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms?”[


Our civilized world has lived in despair and fear for far too long, failing to effectively push back the pendulum swing of tyranny because we fail to take action.


In a previous article, “The Day American Activism Died,” ineffective leadership, leadership that fails to understands that Direct Action applied to the First Rule of Democracy is the only kind that the Empire will respond to, was called to task, exposed as willfully useless, and indicted for its internal hypocrisy. Reviewing developments over this past few weeks, it just may be that world protests have now crossed the mental Rubicon from despair and inaction… to Hope and Direct Action.


Weekly in France, Direct Action has given political power to the Gilet Jaune and also to the people of France. Their weekly protest has put a new fear- fear of the people– into the capitalist conscience of the Macron Government. In London, the Extinction Rebellion has won a staggering victory! In Sudan, real revolution is taking hold. The Algerians are following all these examples. Elsewhere, world elections saw new politicians overthrow the Western-backed regimes in...Read More

The Day American Activism Died, or… Why Julian Assange Sits in Stir!

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A Simple Mind At Work!!!

A Simple Mind At Work!!!