When Your Bank Goes Bust…Run! Or… How Congress Already Stole Your Savings.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

“It is easier to rob by setting up a bank than by holding up a bank clerk.”

                                                                                                            – Bertolt Brecht

Daily, a thus distracted public is told that the financial patsy for the growing worldwide economic disaster is simply a virus. As Americans fearfully watch passively as the US Congress throws the ever-mounting trillions in Bail-out funds so quickly at the feet of their puppet masters, the paltry cash reserves of all American bank depositors have never been more at risk.

“I’m sorry, Sir. We are unable to cash this check,” were the rather ominous words delivered to me by a fresh-faced, none-too-friendly, Wells Fargo Bank assistant manager. He had just kept me waiting ten minutes while in consultation with others about my pending transaction. Returning to his Wells’ colored cubicle he sat down quickly, straightened in his chair and then looked at me intently through narrowed eyes before delivering the bad news.

Four feet away, between us and in front of him, were three forms of my personal identification face up. Looking down, this budding banker particularly glowered at two personal checks, also laying on the desk before him, written to me as payment by a client and drawn on his bank. Not being a “Wells” customer I had expected a shake-down, hence I had brought with me multiple forms of ID including passport.

These two checks totalled the small sum of almost US$8,000.00. Not expecting this much difficulty I insisted on a reason, to which he now looked up from once again carefully considering the two checks and replied, “I’m sorry, but the bank does not have sufficient funds on-hand to cash these checks.”

Oh, dear.


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Trapped! (You, too.)

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.”  ― Alexander Solzhenitsyn

To divorce one’s self- finally- from nationalistic illusionary comfort. There is no harder decision any world citizen will ever make. To “up and go” is a decision that pits one’s developed reason against that propaganda; self-preservation against nationalism, fact against friend, and history against ignorance. These conflicts boil together night after night when one’s mind wrangles throughout with this grinding web of conflict thus further inspired by an acute understanding of past deeds and surreptitious capitalist motives perpetrated by an Empire gone mad.

Within another sleepless night, whilst again wrestling with the incredible facts of this new “crisis” being incubated by an acute understanding of the draconian history of “exceptionalism,” in the dead of night one’s own faculties also come into question within the all-enveloping gloom.

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BLIND…Dumb and Stupid!

BLIND…Dumb and Stupid!

OCCUPY L.A. – The Eviction ( PART SIX )

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley


EPILOGUE: OCCUPY and the American Awakening. Preparing for the “American Spring”.

It has been a faced paced week for civil disobedience since the attempted eviction last Sunday night, Nov 27, 2011, of the OCCUPY L.A. camp. On that night and the following Tuesday OCCUPY LA showed why the OCCUPY movement has grown so rapidly and that this  massive voice for social change  it is here to stay.

On Sunday night, in Los Angeles, the dedicated participants of this fledgling democratic movement showed an on looking Nation that the right of the people to assemble can indeed be more powerful than the forces of authority. Despite the inevitable peaceful eviction two nights later, on Tuesday night, the OCCUPY forces showed that, for many reasons, these two victories are the first of many more victories to come.

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Occupy L.A. 24 hours to eviction? ( PART FIVE )

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley


– The inevitable return. The cops are coming back.

Reports are coming in. The cops are boarding buses at Dodger Stadium en-mass. Tonight they are coming back to win their war. They will win this battle but not this war. They will now attempt to show that their brute authority is willing to support the façade of American democracy that now enslaves its people, and to crush the voices of dissent that would build a new democracy for the good of all freeing the 99% from their chains. Yes. Indeed we are dangerous people. We offer the very root of democracy so long missing to this political quagmire of a society. A rare commodity in this day: The truth.

So many truths became apparent in my time at OCCUPY LA. Sunday night. We won a victory for truth and true democracy. We assembled a crowd that could not be defeated. We showed America that... Read More

OCCUPY L.A. 24 Hours until Eviction? ( PART FOUR )

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley


  • “VICTORY!!! …..VICTORY!!”

They’re here. I count fourteen black and whites that just headed towards the camp at high speed with blue- red- and- whites on and sirens blaring. All have suddenly turned east out of sight. Helicopters swirl above, very high up, with their spot light shining everywhere. The crowd changes focus and begins to collect near the south sidewalk. It’s 1:45.AM. It’s on.

Over the past four hours or so the crowd has been steadily growing and staying busy keeping motivated and conducting business as usual. The Generally Assembly area which has its epicenter at the base of the south stairs is shoulder to shoulder all the way up the stairs and 50 yards in every direction. The GA has continued for several hours with the newcomers joining in with the fledgling Democracy unfolding before them. Everyone... Read More

OCCUPY L.A. :The Story: 24 Hours until eviction? (PART THREE)

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley


“They’ll Have to Carry Me Out”.


“They’ll have to carry me out”, says J.R., another proud war veteran, who has been here since day one.  Like so many of the nice people I have interviewed today, J.R. echoes a familiar theme.  No one I have met or talked to wants violence or will perpetrate violence.  And no one will voluntarily leave.  They want to be carried out.  Arrested or not, in the last four hours very few have broken camp.

Far from it.  Every night the OCCUPY L.A. members hold a general assembly at 7:30 p.m..  Tonight it is packed.  The crowd is well over 2,500.As I walk towards the camp in preparation for the General Assembly I talk with more protestors who are just now arriving.

Here is a representative sample of the waking 99%.  Everywhere there are veterans (lots of veterans), families,... Read More

OCCUPY L.A. :The Story: 24 Hours until eviction? (PART TWO)

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley


“…Way bigger that OCCUPY Wall Street”.


Cairo?   Yemen?   Bahrain?   Libya?   No, this is Los Angeles and this crowd is getting bigger, louder, and more anxious.   There are nine hours to go and the police are ready.   OCCUPY L.A. is also ready.

I have just finished a tour of the OCCUPY L.A. grounds which take up the entire south and north side of the L.A. City Hall.   Ominously, the police department is just 100 feet away, across the street.

My guide for the tour is Andrew, a proud war veteran, who insists on anonymity and the protestors call him “Chef”.   As a veteran and passionate protester he has been here from the start, which is over 7 weeks.   He is involved with security, protection, the sanitation committee, “the raid committee”, and helping provide free meals to all who... Read More

OCCUPY L.A. :The Story: 24 Hours until eviction? (PART ONE)

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

     An Activist Gets Off the Couch-

I have two conflicting packing lists as I prepare to document and, at the same time, show my support for the OCCUPY movement despite what appears to be the closing of one of the last OCCUPY camps. Los Angeles Major Villaraigosa and his Police Chief, Charlie Beck, have,  throughout today ( Sunday),  stated on radio and T.V. news that their patience with the OCCUPY LA movement’s experiment with the First Amendment is over in Los Angeles effectively tomorrow ( Monday) at Midnight. This is one of the last remaining, yet largest, OCCUPY protests against the status quo. Conflict is brewing.

My  preparations start with; three pads of paper, six pens ,my digital recorder, my camera, three throw away cameras( insurance?),select CDs, cold weather gear( sans sleeping bag and tent), four sandwiches, and a left-over... Read More

MELT DOWN?! Corporate Greed, Gov’t Corruption, and America’s Own Fukushima Disaster.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley


With over $1 billion up for grabs corporate greed need not be concerned with causing a pending nuclear disaster, nor its effect on the homes, businesses, lives, and livelihoods of 8.7million people.


At the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) public meeting, on October 9, 2012, regarding the re-opening of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), evasive answers, vague assurances, and a conspicuous lack of facts were the corporate responses to accurate concerns and hard evidence presented by hundreds of very concerned southern California residents. The efforts by Southern California Edison (Edison), that owns the “San Onofre” plant, and its co-conspirators, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), was an ongoing example of their extraordinary greed, corporate control, and disregard... Read More

Bankruptcy for the States: Back In Time to Help Your State Steal Your Salary, Benefits, and Pension.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley


The threat of the federal government providing State bankruptcy protections has disappeared from the news since it first surfaced, to much republican applause, six months ago. This is an ominous silence.


The fiscal crises most states are experiencing will necessitate their need to use bankruptcy protection.  All State employees, or employees whose jobs or pensions exist per contracts with the State, should be alarmed because State bankruptcy protections will suddenly, if not overnight, take away your contractual rights. Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection is currently available only to municipalities. If Chapter 9 is applied to the states it will mean the reduction of any expected pension benefits for current employees and retired former employees. Contracts with current employees and with sub-contractors to the States will also be under the control of... Read More