World!!…Finally, We Have a Leader!

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Finally, we have a leader. His message is the strength of truth, and the power of the people. WE are listening.

Ecuador and eleven South, and Latin, American nations have advanced the call for world freedom, and propagated, for us, a world leader. Julian Assange is safe. Baring an international incident of historic proportions, America has been stopped from cutting the head off another rising populist snake stirring from the people’s quest for change through non-violent protest opposition. Considering that these nations are just a generation, or less, removed from their own suffering at the hands of the last spate of American Empire building, it is not surprising these same nations would well understand Assange’s plight. It is also not surprising that they would wish to preserve for the world their own, long term, populist figurehead in order to fight back, once again, against the power of the growing American global threat. In protecting Assange these Nations have restored these authoritarian regimes’ worst fear. An effective, visible, populist leader.

Like many of the other world authoritarian regimes attempting to stop visible popular national opposition, America has also deliberately removed any pretext of opposition leadership. The evictions of all the Occupy camps across the US took place, specifically, to deny Americans public leadership. The Occupy camps, in scores of communities, educated, and organized. In many cities, like Los Angeles, the Occupy camps did what the cities could not, or would not, do; feed, clothe, and provide security to the indigent. As such these camps grew in numbers and peripheral local support. And Power.

Occupy took off like a rocket. With thirty years of growing domestic oppression Americans were in need of education on the causes of their social condition, and an example to follow. They, for the first time, found that in Occupy. The US government, like those of Bahrain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, knew right away the threat of allowing an angry public to have leadership. Occupy claims to be leaderless, but the leader was, in reality, the concept of Occupy, one that asked for all who were angry to come together for change using the pure democracy of numbers. This kind of leadership, as in Lebanon, Egypt, and Somalia, historically, overthrows dictatorships. “I’m scared to death”, flatly stated Frank Luntz, GOP wordsmith, and American regime propagandist of the Occupy threat. With the purchase this past month of 750 million rounds of ammo designed to kill only humans, the Department of Homeland Security, DHS , obviously understands Luntz’s fears.

Across the earth, leaders and perceived leaders are being apprehended and silenced. This week in Bahrain, opposition leader, Najeel Rajab was sentenced to three years in prison for tweeting an opposition message. In Spain, Supreme Court Judge, Baltasar Garzon, (currently Assange’s attorney) was disbarred and charged with treasonous crimes. His true crime was taking a stand for universal citizens, by prosecuting¬† criminals, like former Chilean president Augusto Pinochete, for crimes against humanity, and beginning an investigation of war crimes by Spain’s, and Gen. Francisco Franco’s, past dictatorship. This week the Russian band “Pussy Riot” was sentenced to two years in prison for a musical protest in an Orthodox church. Protest is on the rise.

While their voices have gone, these, and other jailed or executed, leaders remain effective as martyrs to their own National popular opposition, and their people questing for leadership. But, their visual presence, and direct voice, and power in calling the people together, like the Occupy camps, is gone from sight.

Thanks to Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, and the other nations who have become champions of free speech and justice, the world has been given a permanent leader. A leader who does have a voice. One who will, as this past Sunday, be seen, regularly, by the world. A leader who will continue to bring world opposition together. These countries deserve a Nobel Peace prize for their courage. They are protecting not only a very dangerous man, but a leader whose weapons are the historical tools of democratic victory; Truth, Equality, and Justice. A potent combination indeed.

Assange’s persona is demur and, seemingly, humble. He speaks softly, but powerfully, using the truth governments don’t want to hear. He, by reports, is not lavish, nor greedy. Like all journalists he appears to enjoy the notoriety that his work, and subsequent crusade, has brought him, yet he is not brash, nor arrogant, but he is confident. And he, again and again, speaks in a language of a bygone time, one that is quickly coming back in vogue; Truth.

This makes Assange a man for governments to fear and, for the same reasons, an easy man to respect and listen to, and whose example many, and soon many more, will choose to follow. The world needs leadership that is an example before them daily. The world needs leadership that will insight them to rise up and demand change. The world needs leadership that will spread the seed for new leaders to arise and resist.

The saga is certainly not over and will be daily international news, with the world watching in interest, until Assange is, actually, and safely, on real Ecuadorian soil. This media circus may take months, or years.   America, and its Empire, cannot accept this powerful symbol of opposition to fly in their face for all to see. To them Assange is the most dangerous man in the World.   As the various daily news updates of the efforts to capture him reach a growing world opposition, in their homes and on their cell phones, Assange will become much more than a besieged journalist, he will become a symbol. THE symbol of opposition.

With every appearance by Assange world opposition will grow bolder. With every attempt, by America’s British proxy, to apprehend him, the strength of the opposition will solidify. The world will hear all the details. More good leaders will emerge. Good journalists will take courage in the example, and leadership, of Julian Assange. The people will grow in strength. The tide will begin to turn.

As I put pen to paper, tonight, I have renewed strength. Finally, WE have a leader.



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