Will Howard Schultz Create A Viable Third Party In 2020?

By: Rich Scheck

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It is long past time for our country to have a new political party that challenges the Bipartisan Washington consensus and duopoly which has dominated American politics for decades.
Donald Trump actually achieved the goal of disrupting the two main parties in 2016 but then quickly morphed into just another establishment candidate willing to implement US globalist foreign policy as we are seeing so crudely in Venezuela  today.
Now comes another billionaire posturing to convert his business acumen into political success, this time as an Independent.
Schultz is obviously going to disrupt the Democratic Party in the same way Trump ruffled the Republicans because he is
a long-time member.  But his disgust with their failings and poor leadership is similar to what Trump expressed when he ran
as an outsider to the chagrin of the Bush Dynasty, William Kristol and other never-Trumpsters.
Both Trump and Bernie Sanders opted to pour new wine into old bottles by attempting to capture the nomination of the two main
parties rather than taking the bolder course of starting a new one.  Trump obviously was able to prevail and a strong case can
be made that Bernie did, too, except for the shenanigans of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton and the DNC.
The Democrats fear that Schultz will help re-elect Trump if he runs as an Independent is both irrelevant and possibly wrong.  It
is irrelevant to the extent the man is entitled to do whatever he thinks is in the best interest of the electorate who have long shown
an interest in that happening.  It is possibly wrong because Trump is facing the prospect of removal after impeachment so may not
be around next year to contest the election.
Schultz may bite the bullet and do what needs to be done by saying sayonara to his former political soul mates.  His focus on the
debt is sure to attract Libertarians and fiscal conservatives.  If he can bring himself to attack our bipartisan foreign policy of endless
wars he will complete my vision of a new pro-peace party bridging Left and Right on a narrow agenda that can win in 2020.
This issue of ending our endless wars is obviously a viable one as we see in the remarks of presidential candidates Tulsi Gabbard,
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Marianne Williamson and even Trump himself who promises to bring troops home from Syria and
Afghanistan. The problem for the incumbent is his top policy advisers have not gotten the message and are creating cognitive dissonance with their inconsistent actions in Venezuela, Syria, Iran and elsewhere.
Schultz apparently has none of the baggage that Trump brought to his campaign and administration, either by way of an acerbic personality or shady business dealings.  Perhaps we will learn things about him over the coming months that reveal he has sinned in some manner overthe years whether by way of a sexual dalliance or even has a less than perfect tenure as CEO of Starbucks.
Of course, the candidate must be thoroughly vetted including close examination of his alleged “active Zionism” to see if that or anything else disqualifies him from seeking the highest office in the land.
But it is unlikely he will be carrying the weight of endless scandals we know Hillary and Bill Clinton brought to the table nor any of the funny  money links Trump has to the Russia Jewish Mafia that helps fuel the dubious Mueller investigation.
The country is desperate for new leadership, free of the incivility, corruption and ugly polarization we have seen in recent years that exploded in 2016 with the Trump/Hillary pairing and continues on into the present tense with Hillary being replaced by Pelosi, Mueller and those suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Is Schultz the stealth candidate some have been praying for?  Can he do what Lincoln did in 1860 and win an election at the head of
a new party a short time after it was created?  Perhaps.
We will see soon enough. Obviously as someone who has worked for decades to create such a result I urge him to take heed of whatever
wisdom is embedded in my 2016 proposal to create the American Populist Party.  For it is populism on the Left (Occupy Wall Street/Sanders) and the Right (Tea Party/Trump/Ron Paul) that has gone to the core of the deep unrest pulsating at the heart of the American people. Trump tapped into that malaise and then sabotaged his success through petulance, arrogance, ignorance and poor judgement, especially in the selection of his top appointees such as Jeff Sessions, Nikki Haley, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and now Bill Barr to be the new Attorney General.
If Schultz can show the courage and wisdom to move ahead boldly as an Independent (3rd party) candidate, he has the potential to build on what Trump accomplished with his wrecking ball ways and lay the foundation for a far more viable future for what’s left of our Republic. Truth and Reconciliation can replace acrimony, restore civility and empower America to be Great…………perhaps for the first time.

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