Mr. Obama…you mean American, “Accept-ionalism?”

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

Dear Mr. Obama,

We cannot thank you enough for providing this past week a detailed and visually militarized definition of your failing country’s,“exceptionalism.” On May 28, 2014, to the cheers of budding West Point Military Academy cadets, you could not hear the global guffaws of laughter in response to your twisted excuses for this sad new lexicon of an ever threatened world.

Exceptionalism, however, describes America and American foreign policy much more accurately than you realize. Fortunately, and thanks to your finely crafted definition, we now know the cause of this affliction, a disease it seems, that is peculiar to US or Zionist controlled politicians.

Exceptionalism, the metaphor for horror and atrocity on behalf of Empire, has been available for illicit use since first brought into empirical popularity by Joseph Stalin in 1929, at the beginning of his rise to Soviet authoritarian power. According to the American Marion-Webster dictionary, their definition is;


ex·cep·tion·al·ism- noun –  (ik-ˈsep-shnə-ˌli-zəm.)


:  the condition of being different from the norm; also :  a theory expounding the exceptionalism especially of a nation or region.


Perfect. Indeed it is obvious that America is “ different from the norm,” ie., humanity.


Quickly we note, however, the key word here: Condition. The Oxford English dictionary defines the word condition to have the meaning; “An illness or other medical problem: ie; a heart condition.


Or insanity.


Mr. Obama, based on your daily additions to the list of American-backed war crimes you dismiss as,“democracy,” your claim to the condition of exceptionalism, that by dictionary definition makes you, your congress, and your Zionist handlers at least abnormal. By all metrics and available facts, the condition has manifested into criminal insanity.


Thankfully, we have discovered the cause of your condition of outward hostility toward mankind.  The malady itself; the sickness. A new word it seems;






Ac·cep·tion·al·ism- noun –  (Ack!!-ˈsep-shnə-ˌli-zəm.)


             : the fantasy or irrational belief that any rational human, in possession of facts and / or truth, will actually accept, as true, your propaganda, distorted information, and/or lies, which you, yourself, know to be untrue.


Surely, Mr. Obama you showed symptoms of this terrifying illness just this week while in Poland  to pledge a $1 billion increase in military support for eastern European, thereby helping NATO forces advance on Russia’s borders.


Standing before a newly donated F-16 Fighter jet, you offered to us, straight-faced,


                            I believe… in making sure our children grow up in a world where schoolgirls are not kidnapped; where individuals arent slaughtered. I believe that a world of greater freedom and tolerance is not only a moral imperative, it also helps keep us safe.


Hilarious moments like this are the only good by-product of acceptionalism. Unfortunately the results, as in your stated joke here, are actually tragic. You actually believe we accept the lie that you were not involved with both Nigerian President Good Luck Jonathan and  Boko Haram to kidnap those poor girls. Like Ukraine, you wanted Nigeria, and now you and your, “boots on the ground,” have it. And you will rot in hell for it.


As for,“greater freedom.” Really? Must we here repeat the work of so many uncontrolled, highly motivated, truth telling journalists, and list the dozens of countries you have brought misery and despair to, as well as the associated atrocities?


I thought not.


At West Point you  proffered, “no matter what the price; we stand for the more lasting peace that can only come through opportunity and freedom for people everywhere.


Ho. Ho. That’s a good one! You do realize that the punchline is; dead people? All over the world? No, we do not accept that our dead family members,friends, or those in the pictures that manage to leak out are the “price” of your Empire. We know who caused the Odessa massacre and that your CIA and FBI are running the show in Kiev, so we can see the carnage, see the horror, and clearly see that you are, again, lying. We do not accept these lies.


Secretary of State John Kerry has show signs of acceptionalism for months. Embroiled is his development of a faux government and faux democracy in Ukraine ,he has been busy excusing away his recent faux elections in war-torn eastern and southern Ukraine. Showing your own skill for irony, Mr.Obama, and despite the myriad of international monitors showing Assad  winning 88.7 % of the vote, your right-hand-man joked about the Syrian elections that…


…the vote was,”meaningless, because you can’t have an election where millions of your people don’t even have an ability to vote.”

Acceptionalism is indeed a sad, laugh a minute routine. Now greatly addled of mind, Mr. Kerry would have us all accept his delusion that all that blood shed, shelling, and admittedly Nazi ethnic cleansing in eastern Ukraine is in (his) reality an unfettered path to Ukrainian voting boxes.

By extension we must accept that your American backed democracy, via Mr. Kerry, has not killed one-hundred-and-fifty thousand Syrians. We must also accept the greatest American hypocrisy: the terrorists you hire are the same terrorists America set-out to destroy thirteen years ago, Mr. Obama. Instead you have  destroyed a large portion of the world on a mythical crusade to rid the world of your stated enemy, yet they are now your brothers in arms? AlQaeda.

Alas, Mr. Obama, we realize these words are not your own. This malady is likely the pixie dust of Zionist control that has  also taken over with acceptionalism the minds of  Chuck Hagel, Hillary Clinton, and Rand Paul. The disease is obviously communicable since, across the pond, David Cameron, Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel and the rest of your EU cabal show exactly the same symptoms of empirical dementia.


In Egypt, Bahrain, Saudia Arabia, and Turkey the more advanced symptoms of acceptionalism are already showing, as they are in East Ukraine; murderous, unapologetic brutality. We are told to accept these atrocities.


Empire would have the world accept that Zionist terrorism does not control you in marionette-like fashion. These same Zionists think that we should continue to accept a factually distorted Holocaust as the trump card for daily Israeli crimes against humanity. We do not.


The origin of this rapidly spreading affliction must be Tel Aviv. This seems obvious since, long before non-Jews  began showing foreign policy symptoms of factual distortions, omissions, and outright lies, Israeli foreign policy was bereft of the same signs of national malevolence. All were perpetrated under the long evaporated misconception that the world would still accept the “poor Israel” excuse for its war crimes. With Israel’s growing arsenal of domestically produced weapons of mass destruction, acceptionalism was likely manufactured to mirror Zionism by chemical laboratories in the bowels of the Knesset.


To be fair, let’s allow Mr. Netanyahu to also offer us further comic relief. Regarding his “sincere” support of Palestinian nation building, he pontificated,


I don’t want to govern the Palestinians. I don’t want them as subjects of Israel or as citizens of Israel. I want them to have their own independent state but a demilitarized state.


Yes, Bi Bi’s still got it,despite his “cartoon bomb” pratfall while speaking at the UN General Assembly last year.


The cruel joke in Palestine is of course similar to the other left-overs of Empire, unless you live in the fantasy realm of his Zionist controlled main stream media,or America. Palestine is indeed considerably demilitarized. It  is also virtually without water, electricity, sanitation, olive trees, hill tops, pencils, or future. The country has been systematically destroyed by Israel  only because of the backing of it’s US bully big brother. Mr. Obama shall we now ask Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan,and Syria to confirm the similarities of their sorrows of your Empire?


I thought not.


You insult us Mr. Obama. You ask us to prostitute our minds as you have yours. Stupidly you and your Zionist puppets masters  believe we all accept the aborted  truth you stuff daily in our direction via your corrupt media.


Empire and your declared exceptionalism ask an intelligent world to accept lies, distortions, and omissions on virtually every policy issue, foreign or domestic, originating from Washington D.C. Your lethargic American public is stuffed with apathy-causing junk food and the supplement of the course  pablum of mainstream media mind control. The infectious disease of accceptionalism has already run rampant, without resistance, across the wasteland of the American mind. A very accepting America that, by some unknown metric, strangely accepts that America is still number one in everything.




But in the remaining world, one not encumbered by 40%- 60% extra mental obesity and largesse, your attempts to deliver your exceptionalism falls on very discerning ears. A problem for acceptionalism, indeed. What? Resistance via intelligence. Rational thought. Concern for truth. Empathy. These are definitions of true humanity. These now spawn, yet, another new word:



re·ject·tion·al·ism- noun –  (re-jek-ˈsep-shnə-ˌli-zəm.)


: a movement or philosophy that promotes the exposure, rejection, and/or opposition, to lies, propaganda, and/ or, the acceptance of fact-less, or distorted statements,news, and/or, opinions.


Finally, Mr. Obama. Rejectionalism. This is not a disease, however, it is a vaccine.  It is part of the natural human condition that rids the body and the mind of the toxic virus of acceptionalism and its condition, exceptionalism. We, who are daily asked to accept your lies of Empire, reject both.


Rejectionalism is growing faster than you can pillage to world’s coffers for your  war against our world. No matter what you say we know your track record, and therefore we know that absolutely everything you say requires very close scrutiny indeed. That scrutiny routinely exposes your lies and therefore your evil agenda. We still believe that the truth will set us free and that you and your exceptional America empire are, by virtue of all of history, doomed to fail.


BTW: You are really embarrassing yourself.


Not realizing that the infection is terminal, your America and your Empire do not have the cognitive skills to realize the growing compilation of truths surrounding you world-wide. Rejectionalism, like a penicillin, will multiply exponentially in the human condition finally outnumbering your Empire, your minions, and your lies.


No, Mr. Obama. We; the rational; the intelligent; the just; the humane, we reject you and your Empire.


Do you now understand your disease? We do. We observe it daily. So, in conclusion let us, who are of normal human mind, offer a synopsis;


We, the civilized world, no longer accept anything you say.


WRB wants your feedback on this important article. This is YOUR world. Stand-up and be counted. It is time!

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