It’s Not Funny Anymore: Hypocrisy In Paris.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

 By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

A picture is worth a thousand words. A political cartoon? Volumes.

Parried with satire and parody, the awakening of truth through a single frame, roughly drawn cartoon is the circus mirror of reality that the satirist repeatedly shines at a constant target: hypocrisy. The weapon? Ridicule. Spawned of truth.

Humor being the most difficult form of art, the role of the political cartoonist this week became a tragic and terminal avocation. On Wednesday Jan. 7, 2015,  ten more journalists, these who worked for the satirical publication, “Charlie Hebdo,” were gunned down in pools of warm, very real blood and shell casings. They are now added to a long death toll of those brutally assassinated merely for daring to put their pen to paper and provide a truthful reality as counter-point to pervasive, far too effective, propaganda. Like an Odessa massacre, wedding party drone strike, or airliner full of innocent passengers, these martyrs were viciously done-in so that only one narrative, the bold, unabashed lies, would continue as proffered. Unchallenged.


Indeed, as is sometimes the case with political summary executions, these men and women were not brutally butchered in vain. The immediate predictable comedic and political reaction should have been fodder for a special edition. Thankfully, for all the right and moral reasons at least three million French men, women and children of all ages flooded city streets, the ultimate tribute to their lifetime’s work of bringing the harsh truth to an ever-more-conscious public, one good belly-laugh at a time. Political humor is funny because it contains a, often hidden, truth. So, surely all our departed brothers and sisters shared a hearty laugh while poised at the gates of forever in the aftermath of their deaths. Their legacy of satire and parody posthumously  manifested this weekend, blossoming into a gigantic theatrical version of their satirical and political crimes: farce.

Cervantes, Chaucer, Swift, Dickens, Twain and company must have joined their new friends in howls of heel kicking laughter upon reviewing the guest list of dignitaries coming from across the globe to honor them. Quickly boarding private jets to puff and preen themselves in front of this great photo opportunity, these politicians all launched press statements of mock horror, shock and sympathy. It seemed ungodly that not a single one was smitten, via lightning strike, prior to their mercenary arrivals in Paris. Deluded, myopic and dizzy with the bluster and power of anointed exceptionalism, when seizing the moment to be seen with the outraged millions in the Paris streets, these leaders seemed strangely oblivious to the victims’ work and reason d’etre. What were these three million people in the streets really shouting about? War criminals. Everywhere.


Was it arrogance or delusion for these leaders to show their faces in Paris?  All forty have encouraged press censorship, if not authoritarian controls, over their national media. Dissent has been criminalized or at best marginalized through internal censorship of controversial subjects. All have journalists languishing in  their prisons. These bastions of this new demonic brand of democracy have also shown their own taste for self-serving blood lust. Many have shown an almost apostolic love for the American and Zionist practice of “Ultra Violence.” Their recent horrific war crimes would make the most ardent “Droogie” cast aside his cane, white coveralls, jack boots and bowler hat to crawl straightway to the nearest monastery and a life of penitence.

Worse, these politicians have already done their best to cause, support or help cover-up many a previous massacre, similar to the Charlie Hebdo journalists. For the sake of mineral wealth, they have manipulated the radical fringe elements of the four major religious doctrines to demonize an entire religion in order to foment country-wide war, then have used the manufactured violence as an excuse to justify authoritarian measures against any “terrorists ” of their choosing: usually, the innocent population. Usually Muslims. Scores, if not hundreds, die daily in car bombings, drone strikes and wholesale summary executions, or starvation and dehydration. All this because of a fraudulent religious based excuse provided by  following abridged, redacted bibles fabricated by immoral fringe elements of the four major religions. Here, they prostitute their savior’s words and deeds to justify personal greed with a unique new bible that strangely mandates the horror and atrocity of corporatism brand-named; globalization. Iran’s Supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, addressed the 28th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran on Sept 9. and said, “Who is the enemy? The enemy is American capitalism and global arrogance.”

The correct religious texts of Muslims, Catholics, Jews and Buddhists abhor and condemn killing, as well as avarice and greed. All preach tolerance, understanding, and love. And humor. Religion begins and prospers because it offer goodness, not evil. During Friday prayers in Tehran, hard-line cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami confirmed that, “Islam does not allow the killing of innocents, whether it be in Paris, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan or Afghanistan.”

Only the selling of one’s soul can barter a rationale that condones murder by bastardizing the inherent benevolence of his own religion, while defiling all that their God or Prophet truly stands for.

A high crime indeed.

Hence, forty national leaders all dutifully lined up, linking arms in solidarity for the de rigueur official press photo, this one being, for those with a memory and a sense of humor, a real keeper. Who, today, would be the most demonstrative hypocrite of them all?

Take Israel’s devout war criminal, and repeat offender, Prime Minister BiBi Netanyahu, who stood with all his concubines dutifully to his left hand side. Crying, as always, crocodile tears he had left for Paris bellowing as usual about the “rising tide of anti-Semitism,” and playing a Pied Piper’s tune about the “best precaution for Jews: move to Israel.” The press dutifully failed to point out that it is his foreign policy decisions, featured as Israel’s routine, endemic barbarism, that has made the world unsafe for innocent Jews, many of whom abhor him for just this reason.

And the rest of the world? Does a first world contingent of Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel and David Cameron give any hope for a “free” world? Hollande was the first capitalist to get elected by calling himself a socialist and now, after a foray of terror in central Africa, his political career is finished. Merkel presides over a shattered, inflated and failing Euro and, all too obviously, is taking Germany to bankruptcy just to support a failing Zionist inspired banking system. Cameron’s new puppet master will soon be Nigel Farage, UKIP and his new home spun version of ethno-phobia. Following Netanyahu’s script and preparing for the upcoming election, Farage, yesterday, practiced sowing hatred and fear saying publicly, “We’ve got people living in these countries, holding our passports, who hate us.”

The rogue’s gallery of want-to-be capitalist ideologues of the third world, dictators ready to get rich, got longer on the road to Paris. They were all there to test how far their charade would play in their country’s  controlled media syndicates. Starting the hypocrisy; Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey, who sent his Foreign Minister, attacked Netanyahu, saying, “How can you see this individual, who carries out state terrorism by massacring 2,500 people in Gaza, waving his hand?” This, of course, ignored the facts that he had, two weeks prior, razed the offices of the only two opposition news papers and that substantial reports show that he is letting Turkey be the landing pad for incoming ISIS fighters.

Abdel Fatah al-Sisi of Egypt, since electing himself president last June, has done Israel’s bidding on command, all the while holding innocent Al-jazeera journalists in a pen. Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon recently jailed journalists critical of his despotism, but came for a few days to stay in his $110 million Paris mansion. Regarding mansions: special consideration must be given to Mahmoud Abbas who, as unelected President of Palestine seems of this earth only thanks to 24 hour Mossad protection, residency in Doha and Cairo and rarely setting foot where his constituents can get their hands on him. He arrived fresh from his usual flaccid, and therefore failed, attempt at passing a UN security council resolution on Palestinian statehood. All these leaders were on the streets of Paris showcasing their support, but not for the people. Or the victims.

Good satire is subtle, intelligent and for the informed who, hopefully, get the joke. More often the humor goes over the head of disaffected dullards, who care not, and grasp little, of the changing draconian world quickly encircling them. Today’s world seems infected with dullards. The epicenter of this conjured ignorance: the poster child for developing myopia, selfishness and greed: America.

The absence of the White House puppet was a further laugh. As probably the most despised politician in the world, Obama claimed, “security precautions,” to avoid a cameo appearance in this episode. The tragic, morally bankrupt and socially dangerous  farce that has been his administration has lately proven to, instead, be a heinous reality show unavoidably and horribly showcased daily on global computer screens.

In a Europe that still has possession of its mental faculties, quality education, an appreciation for information and art and actually still has the ability to read between the lines, Europeans are much harder to fool than the willfully ignorant Yankee electorate. If Barrack Obama had taken his legacy to Paris, he and his Nobel Prize would have been met by a mob, with a damn good reason to take it back and melt it.

Ah, but the security services were not taking chances, especially when contrived media reporting cures all. Except nosey reporters who don’t, yet, know their place, also hate hypocrisy and love a good laugh. Bless them.

The punch-line of the final act of the two day Paris farce was a sad, yet poignant, joke not unexpected, but non-the-less revolting. As the press released the “official” close-up photos of the congregation of the likeminded leaders linking arms, gallantly leading at the head of a procession of millions of Parisians down a Paris boulevard, a second picture of this scene was also released for public consumption. An aerial photo.

Turns out, these self-professed heroes, who had traveled at a moment’s notice to far away Paris while crowing good intentions, were up to their same old tricks; same old hypocrisy.

The elevated shot provided a different view. There, on a desolate Paris street, far removed from the throngs of impassioned Parisians were all those leaders, but they were not leading. Standing in the midst of a massive security detail, all of whom were sporting automatic weapons, these false prophets were backed up by a cast of three-hundred-or-so scripted extras, all standing together as close as possible behind these criminals to give the contrived illusion they were all following along. Indeed they were.

A lie.

The real streets of the world shouted a different truth. Three million plus came together with an impassioned answer to this lie with a bold statement: I no longer, we no longer, think this is funny anymore. We know the enemy. We know the truth. The enemy is you.

This morning the weekly edition of Charlie Hebdo has come out on Wednesday as usual. Filling the cover: a cartoon. The Prophet, tear in his eye, holding a sign for a selfie. “Je suis Charlie.”

Yes. The final middle finger to those who tried and, again, failed to silence the ongoing presentation of truth: today’s truth being that a true Muslim did not do this.

Viva Charlie Hebdo!

Je suis Charlie!



-The End-

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