From Norway… to Washington… to Christchurch…

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley
Vindicating Hatred, Racism… and Insanity.

American worldwide terror is well documented. It comes in too many forms: From draconian economic sanctions that starve a nation to death to its direct illegal military interventions. From the nightly unreported black ops killings of foreign families orchestrated from the 800 plus US military bases worldwide to the anonymous drone strike dismemberment of wedding parties and innocent bystanders. From overturning populist elections to anointing unelected presidents in their image of US-inspired domestic terror.

American institutional insanity.

America’s number one export is an insanity: Terror. This terror is, by design, used to force acquiescence, if not obedience, of the rational civilized conscience towards that of a morally corrupt, willfully ignorant regime that espouses this insanity within its deep seated love of racism, hatred and wanton killing. When a society stoops to the mental depths of gleefully legalizing the killing of newborn wolf puppies and bear cubs during springtime when they are completely defenceless, the accusation of national Criminal Insanity truly stands as charged: America is a land that embraces racism and criminal insanity. An endemic love of… killing!

This American horror emulates Israel’s and its increased control of US foreign policy in being unapologetically – and exceptionally– racist.  Israel’s recent forced racist repatriation of only refugees of African origin and it’s political denotation of Palestinians as being “…beasts, they are not human, ”are recent examples of the racist mind within “the chosen” people and their stolen lands, including America. As Israel’s lackey, America and many of its citizens continue this societal racism in an effort to legitimize terror. Like Israel, US politicians also consider all other world citizens of proper conscience or resistance to being deservedly non-human and therefore not worthy of justice, social obligation… or any right to life.  They- nay, we- are expendable. What is not blindly pro-America and Zionist is denoted as deserving of summary unapologetic death or execution.

We, the civilized, the moral, the men women and children of proper conscience are having our minds assaulted by a mad man and his nation’s insanity.

This insanity must be… eradicated!

This US racism is increasingly used as a new US foreign policy a divisionary weapon. It is now, because of the rise of Donald J. Trump as president of this racist murderous land, is far more pervasive within the minds of racists across the world than most currently understand.

On a recent lengthy trip to SE Asia, this racism surfaced repeatedly, surprisingly showing itself as far more widespread and multi-cultural than most would realize or admit.  To many that I chatted with, America’s new president has visually and verbally aligned himself and his nation with the barbarous actions of the devoutly racist. His words and actions not only provide justification to their inherent racism but also moral vindication to the drone pilot who obediently presses the kill button, obliterating the innocent humans on his screen into shards of bone and loose piles of quivering bloody flesh and the Israeli sniper who murders, without a second thought, hundreds of innocent unarmed children, medics, journalists, women and protesters from a safe distance every Friday. But this insanity also emboldens the isolated racist sipping on his ice-cold hatred in dank, dark, backwater locales worldwide and enjoying the recent horrors from New Zealand. The racist who similarly enjoys this terror with the same joy as the barbaric US hunter in hearing the final desperate high pitched cry of a murdered tiny puppy – or innocent Palestinian child- brutally and summarily put to death for his simplistic enjoyment of the power to kill: Without the consequence of conscience.

This is America. What it exports is vindication…  vindication of hatred, racism and death. That of Criminal Insanity.



As noted far too often during this reporter’s journey, America’s export has spread worldwide to the many racists who have long waited in the shadows for renewed approval of their own insanity. It is this approval that led to the genocidal mass murder of fifty innocent Muslims recently in Christchurch, NZ. This crime, like those of the American empire, is an act of insanity. This heinous crime, implicitly condoned by an American president, must now be universally vilified by the horrified conscience. American insanity must not be sanctioned by this example, nor by its racist president.

American foreign policy would have the remaining civilized world forced into accepting this insanity of conscience from others who secretly espouse Hatred and Racism. Although those of infirm mind have previously been silenced for a few generations by the advent of the new populist, pluralistic and inclusionary morals of a once enlightened 20th century, this silence has too often of late been sliced into a bloody scream. The barbarians have returned to power. They have been provided encouragement for their crimes along with tacit presidential absolution, as they again bring back their preferred racist weapon: Terror.

This sad malady of National spirit is unfortunately not limited to one morally bankrupt nation. Worse, as documented in many conversations in foreign lands, the advent of Donald J. Trump as president of a delusional, murderous and irrationally exceptional land, the one that he so closely personifies, his actions and words have been heard around the globe as a rallying cry to racism and to racists. This rogue nation and its Grand Wizard of an American president have flown the huge pointy-white flag of racism as its new foreign policy offering. No longer vilified…the insanity of violent hatred has been, thus, vindicated.

This madness- this insanity- must be… eradicated!


America is Percolating Worldwide Racism.

“You’re an American?” was the standard offering of conversation, which, when travelling, is always welcome.  This entreat became so routine that my casual reply was routinely delivered with a quizzically wry smile and an immediate personal reassurance, “ No, Mate. I’m Canadian.”  After which the conversation invariably turned quickly; “So, what do you think of Trump?

I preferred to hear their thoughts.

On an eight hour BA plane flight from Heathrow to Doha, next to me, without-thank god- a middle seat, was a very unapologetic sex tourist heading to Thailand for his choice of fun. Michael, a fiftyish professor emeritus from the London School of Economics was good company on the eight-hour flight. Beyond his anticipated predilection- and offer to show me the same in Pattaya, Thailand- he was very good company. Eight hours is a long time.

Michael, a Brit, is now a staunch Trump supporter. He admits that he had barely heard of him until the past election, but likes what he has heard since. This is not surprising since the British media, newspapers and the Tele, have provided a great deal of coverage to Trump and has been moving steadily towards implicit support. Like his American counterparts, Michael’s opinion was obviously also heavily influenced by the US cable TV media. He wasn’t much for current American foreign policy and war but he really liked Trump for his stance on refugees. When I pointed out to him that it was the same violent US foreign policy that he supposedly disliked that had caused the refugee crisis worldwide, he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, grasp the connection.

“England’s completely buggered,” he continued, untwisting the gold cap of a new small bottle of cheap British Airways red wine and then swilling down his second Zanax of the flight. “The bloody EU and immigration laws. It wasn’t like this twenty years ago, the crime, the knives, the shitholes they live in.” When I tried again to have him take note of the very similar timing of America’s two-decade military advance into the Mid- East and North Africa and the resultant huge escape north to the EU, my arguments always bounced right off his current airline cocktail of ignorance.

“The EU needs to follow Trump’s example. Put a stop to it right at the borders,” he said looking at me sideways, glass in hand, as I put my seat back in exasperation. “He’s doing the right thing. Lock up all those sand niggers and send ‘em right back where they bloody well belong!”

On this trip Michael had just coined a word surprisingly heard often thereafter, one that I had thought was exclusively American in usage. Feeling emboldened due to Trump’s rise to US power, these racists I met used this word, and not in hushed tones. There was one difference, however. A “Nigger” to them was not just an immigrant or refugee of African origin; it was an Arab, an Asian or anyone of darker skin than that of an Englishman.

Michael was softer in his racism than many ex-pats and tourists encountered. Although he did not like the violence of the US and its European minions, he completely supported stopping all immigration and using the military to round them all up for deportation. Pointing out that the homelands of many of them were currently an economic horror show and in league with the horrors of the US-backed despots who are helping global corporations  steal anything of value- including human futures- did no good. Like many I met, Michael was affable, cordial, polite (mostly) and more knowledgeable than most of his homebound contemporaries on current events.  Many others were very good company, too. But, in the many offerings for rebuttal that these brief and often lengthy discussions provided during the course of the day or evening, on the subject of refugees and immigration, nothing could penetrate their ill-founded argument, one that ultimately could be easily distilled. As Uri, a German businessman passing through Singapore’s magnificent and ultra-modern Changi Airport, said, while clutching up his hand baggage and standing to run off to meet his flight, “ I gotta be honest. I guess I just really don’t like the Blacks.”

Laughing as he hustled off, satchel swinging behind, his back to me, he was not able to see my middle finger.


Legitimizing Racist Genocide: The Mind of Andres Breivik

The soulless mind of the racist was shown on the grinning face of 28-year-old Australian, Brenton Tarrant as he stood in the dock before a New Zealand magistrate after his own acts of racist horror. During Friday prayers on March 15 at two mosques in Christchurch, a city located on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, Tarrant butchered 50 men, women and small children. Tarrant used five guns to carry out the attacks, including two semi-automatic weapons and two shotguns he legally owned. Beyond the dead, his racist statement left another 48 seriously wounded. These innocent human were all Muslim.

For some who do heed the example of their racist champion in the White House, Tarrant’s planned, executed and documented (live on Facebook) slaughter was an implicit approval of their own warped minds and desired intent. Tarrant’s aberration of conscience emulates that of the foreign policy of a declining America and its cheerleader, Donald. J Trump, who had little to say about the carnage and completely ignored its direct link to US racism as policy. Under Trump, Washington has propagated yet a new form of terror for export to an already victimized and deliberately divided world. In a column this week by noted Israeli journalist, Jonathan Cook he accurately summed up the current American president:

“[Trump] has exploited identity politics to keep us divided… with the offer of a few additional crumbs. … by inflaming tensions as he reorders the hierarchy of “privilege” in which those crumbs are offered. These liberal elites long ago worked out that if we could be made to squabble among ourselves about who was most entitled to scraps from the table, they could keep gorging on the main course.”

To that end?  Racism.



Returning from a long trip that took this reporter from Singapore to Thailand and then to Cambodia followed by Laos, it was not so much what was seen but what was heard that was the story. After the carnage that was Christchurch, NZ, a vital story surfaced. That story was how widespread deep seated racism has become across the globe and its practitioner’s excuses for same: A racist president from the land of the exceptional.

What I heard from too many foreigners, expats to tourists, whom I parried with, was their unrepentant allegiance to racism. Being removed from the cultural restrictions of the First World, many spoke freely of their devout racism. These travellers felt that their views- thanks to Trump- had finally been vindicated. Many attested to their world view having been developed long ago, but had long been silenced. Now, they could finally speak their minds.

By the admission of Tarrant, his heinous crimes were a deliberate copy cat massacre as the similar tragedy committed by Andres Breivik on 22 July 2011, in Norway for the exact same reason. Racist hatred.

On that day, Breivik went hunting Muslims. Muslim children to be exact. Hunted them like animals; because to him that is what these children were. He knew what he was doing and had planned his solo attack for months while also authoring a long manifesto. A manifesto of Hatred and Racism: One that attempted to vindicate his crimes as being that of the sane and the rational. A part of an accepted human condition.

Like the Christchurch massacre, Breivik planned and completed two separate attacks (the first with a bomb- 8 dead) which culminated with him travelling to Utoya Island, the site of a summer camp for the Worker’s Youth League, posing as a police officer. He then proceeded to stalk, very slowly and methodically, the terrified children who ran in terror to hide. Step by step Breivik found and executed 69 of them. He did this for one reason: Because they were Muslim.

Then he surrendered.

But his barbaric crimes were only the beginning of the real importance of this horror story. His was not merely mass slaughter and genocide. Breivik had grander designs. He sought to use his categorically insane criminality as an example and a platform of encouragement to all others of like mind.

Like mind? Insanity.

Could any human being capable of such depravity not be insane? Was his genocidal massacre not utter insanity?

Suddenly, from the trial in Oslo Breivik thrust upon the world public for the first time his quest for redefining insanity in favour of his actions. Here lay the fundamental issue of the Brevik trial. Not innocence or guilt. Vindication!

Normally anyone in Breivik’s situation would have been glad to cop an insanity plea because, unlike the US, Norway does not execute the criminally insane.  Being admittedly guilty, the trial would have seemed to be a slam dunk. But Breivik wanted to showcase himself and his manifesto to Norway and a world awaiting swift understandable justice. Brevik insisted on representing himself and despite his actions that shocked the conscience of the world, his goal was to have his racism, his hatred, and his terror considered to be rational. Sane.

The prosecution was having none of it. They prosecuted him as being criminally insane. Rationally, they had no choice. To do otherwise was to admit that the norms of society had been reduced to that of the animal. This animal. This aberration of human conscience that could slaughter 77 human beings with impunity, not from justice, but from his own conscience.

Not surprisingly the first psychiatric panel found him criminally insane, in part due to their finding him to have  a severe lack of empathy regarding the scores of innocents he had killed.

Thus, it was mandatory for Norwegian society to find Breivik insane. Doing so would prove to all that his barbaric example of hatred and racism was indeed a corruption of the human mind; not- as Breivik implicitly alleged- entrenched within it. Could it actually be that the conscience of modern man had sunk to a new low never before witnessed?

Why did no one scream when the answer was, horribly, “Yes!”


Norway, with a crime rate that is decimal points lower than that of the daily carnage of American society, had never dealt with the likes of Breivik. Interestingly, Norwegian justice only allows for ten years incarceration maximum, but with special circumstances the term can be extended indefinitely if the prisoner is still deemed a threat to society. However, those found criminally insane are not considered prisoners, but as mental patients whose term of treatment is not defined other than by successful treatment by doctors. This meant that the criminally insane Breivik could possibly one day walk free.

This possibility outraged the parents who demanded a new psychiatric evaluation and the Oslo court, under massive public pressure, order it so. Breivik was this time found to be competent to stand trial. This pleased the parents and of course pleased Breivik who made no secret of this. So, in short order, he was found guilty and sentenced to the maximum of ten years, a sentence that will certainly be renewed regularly by popular demand.

But Breivik’s guilt was not the point. In deeming him same, his heinous crimes were also deigned to be sane and rational. In this decision, justice was not served. Not to Norway. Not to society. Nor to our future.

Breivik was shipped off to have his message mitigated as much as could be via his obscurity within a prison. But, his message was clear to the many with similar thoughts yet acted upon. After Breivik, terror began taking to the streets of the world. The main streets of the world. Mass murder rampant. Almost always with a racist element be it anti- Muslim, anti- Jew, anti- White or anti-Black or…merely pro-hate. The Charlie Hebdo office (12). The 2015 Paris attacks (130). The 2016 Orlando Night Club (49). The Southerland Springs, Tx. church (26).Etc.

Then… the Christchurch massacre!

Upon being sentenced, on that day Brevik’s insanity, that of a hatred and racism capable an act of unfathomable genocide against 77 adults and children- or fifty Muslim worshipers in a New Zealand mosque or 11 Jews in a Pittsburg Synagogue  – this mind, this insanity, his lack of conscience became the world’s own. On that day, criminal insanity became an accepted part of the normal human mental condition.

In the interim between Brevik and Tarrant, Bush, Obama and now Trump and their collective American foreign policy, continued a steady blood bath of almost daily genocidal atrocities for all to see. After twenty plus years of propagating horror, Washington would have the world now follow the same mind as Breivik and now consider these crimes against humanity acceptable.  These crimes of racist genocide, whether they be military or societal, are now encouraged. Normal.

To the racist and his long bottled-up hatred, this change in human condition has not gone unnoticed.


The Teflon Mind of the Racist.

“You know what a Kaffir is don’t cha?” asked Martyn, cracking wise in mockery of my repeated factual resistance to his ongoing unabashed racist arguments. “That’s what you people call a ‘Nigger.’  Ha! In South Africa, we call ‘em Kaffirs. Got plenty of all kinds of Niggers in Norway, now.”

About twenty miles from the Cambodian border, I was killing a couple days about a mile up-river at a little village resort while waiting for word on my transit visa. This was wintertime, but it was easily 90 degrees with equal humidity. Lazing on a very comfy brown wooden deck chair next to a very inviting crystal blue pool I cracked another Leo lager and tossed the opener back in the rapidly melting ice. “That’s not a very PC thing to say,” I shot back at Martyn, a Norwegian by way of a South African childhood. “Where I come from you’d be called a racist.”

“But, I’m not there. I’m here,” he laughed in return while reaching into the ice for his own cold one. “See. Here, I say what I want. I get what I want… buy what I want. And, everything…everyone… is for sale. You can have your America, er, sorry, I mean Canada. Here, I do and say what I want,” he laughs again, firing the cap in my direction.

Martyn, like Michael a devout  perennial sex tourist, is also one of the few licensed gun dealers in Norway. He does not like immigrants and particularly Blacks. He grew up in South Africa in the Apartheid years which he apparently took with him all the way to Norway. Like Michael from London, I challenged him repeatedly with the many factual causes of those refugees migrating north due to Imperial wars and capitalist inspired famine.

“Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!” he exclaims before splash diving into the shallow end of the pool,  doing a quick lap to cool off and then rendezvousing again with the beer bucket and opener. Martyn is a considerably unattractive man. Overweight, pasty complexioned with a balding few strands of matted black hair combed over a blemished, seventyish elderly face that is missing several front teeth.

“Wrong…” he continues while flopping his soaking wet girth onto a struggling pool chair. ‘They’re coming for one reason. They want our benefits. They don’t work. Just arrive and right on the dole. Filthy people the lot of them.”

Trying to change the subject, I asked him about the legacy and political success of, Mandela in South Africa and the ongoing dispossession of the white farmers and their land.  “They’ll all starve. The blacks are too lazy to farm unless driven to it. You gotta have a stick for the Black man” About the rise of other democracies in sub-Saharan Africa as well? “Great example! What a mess. What you got to understand…,” he continued without lowering his voice and firing his next bottle cap into the bushes, “What you have to understand is that the Blacks, the black man, the black race, is not yet ready for democracy. That’s what I like about Trump. He knows about the Blacks.”

Martyn admitted that his choice for news was Fox. Countering, I cited a quick list of luminaries of the modern world who were of African descent and recognized by the world as renowned academics and leaders. Martyn saw Trump as too long in coming and now saying what he himself had always wanted to say, “ I say build your wall. Problem solved! Then build another from Spain to Bulgaria. Problem fucking solved!”

And when the desperate, displaced and discarded go over under or around these walls?

“Shoot ‘em…or…” he added seeing my shock, “Arrest ‘em and deport the devils right back where they came from. See this?” he asks while digging out a card from his wallet. On it, a picture of a seemingly shiny-new silver six-shot revolver with black pistol grip posed next to a matching shoulder holster. “Just got this beauty for myself before I left. I own property, see. I rent to lots of immigrants. Got it for when I visit my apartments and my tenants.”

Pulling the card back from my face, he grabbed his wallets to return it. “Damn dangerous it is now. Fuckin’ Kaffirs! But they understand me ‘cause… I always take…”, and he roared with laughter waving the card before my eyes one more time in finality just for effect.”I always take… a friend!”


The Cambodian Solution.

A few miles south of Phnom Penh in central Cambodia is a memorial. A memorial, not only to genocidal hatred and insanity. It is also a memorial to that insanity being- finally- eradicated. Not just from the nation of Cambodia, but from the mind as well.

Here marks a terrible time when insanity and hatred were institutional. When a government attempted to make their imposed affliction of the mind endemic in all within one society.

“The Killing Fields” is as one has seen in the Academy Award-winning 1985 film of the same name. Here at Choeung Ek, bones, skulls, and human remains litter the massive green heath under which lie the remains of thousands who would not surrender their own conscience to that of Pol Pot [Brother #1], Nuon Chea, Ta Mok, Son Sen and their Khmer Rouge. Because of their personal insanity 1.7 million people, or a fifth of the population, died in Cambodian indoctrination camps during just over three years of Khmer Rouge rule. These rogue leaders enjoyed the luxurious trappings of authoritarian leadership while forcing their people to accept, not just a new governmental system, by a complete fundamental change of their minds. At the point of a gun.

Those who disagreed or were a perceived as a threat to the new regime were sent to the infamous torture prison, then simply called S-21, where victims were forced to confess to imaginary crimes before being taken to the killing fields and murdered.Today it is more correctly titled, “Tuol Sleng  Museum of Genocide.”


After undergoing all manner of unspeakable terror and torture, these unfortunates were marched to the Killing Fields where they were executed with one blunt stroke of an axe handle or cartwheel spoke to the back of the neck, followed usually with one last single bullet to the mind of each. All the time Him Houy, the deputy head of security at S-21 torture centre,

or the prison’s commandant, Kaing Guek Eav, looked on to be sure the leader’s message of insanity was complete.


These prisoners joined the human carnage buried underneath this one Killing Field or any of the many other indoctrination camps across Cambodia. Here, slave labour camps weeded out very effectively any voice of dissent or likely resistance to the new regime. Today, when one visits Cambodia almost all the population is under fifty years old. Few will speak of that terrible time and when they do it is with a mixture of dismissive horror and national shame.

When the barbarity of what was taking place in Cambodia reached the world media, America and its allies sat on their hands doing nothing. American geo- policy hoped to see Cambodia and Pol Pot prevail as a check on Vietnam which was fresh from kicking the mind of American imperialism out of its own country in 58,000 plus body bags.

Those same demonized Vietnamese, who showed a proper conscience unlike the rising worldwide American foreign policy, rose up against the horror of Cambodia, not dissimilar from the American madness of mind. The magnitude of all the horrors taking place in less than a US election cycle did not shock the American mind nor its administration.

So Vietnam invaded.

Authoritarian regimes, the bullies of the civilized world, rarely have the real balls to back up their military bravado, like Pol Pot, they rely on terror; a terror that silences all into inaction and approval.

The Vietnamese Army, on Liberation Day, Jan 7, 1979, rolled across from the East-West border in a tidal wave of justice, throwing out the Khmer Rouge. The mind that was that of Pol Pot and his regime, and the insanity that he would have had Cambodian society consider insanity normal and acceptable, was driven out, not to return.



Are We Still Human?

In terms of universally established law, the charge of Criminal Insanity is, in part, defined as “a depraved indifference to human life.” No better words are available to succinctly define today’s  American foreign policy, the mind of its president, and its terrifying exports worldwide.

Where was the outrage of the Breivik decision? Where was the outrage at the barbarity of US House Bill H.R. 6784? Where is the outrage at the carnage we see- or ignore- everyday emanating from an epicentre that has only one name? Where is the resistance? What must be said about those who witness each and every example of this growing insanity? This same insanity that will, this coming week, veto –very publicly- his own US Congress’ and Senate’s denial of weapons to the criminal House of Saud and its genocidal racism in Yemen. It can be expected that the American will do nothing. Acquiescence.

However, inaction, apathy and acquiescence are also an insanity. This lapse of conscience is  insanity because of its silence, a silence that implicitly condones by permitting this insanity to continue. Complicity.

On the outskirts of the Killing Fields is a very large and very stout tree trunk. This is perhaps the most gruesome part of the exhibit, for here the mind of Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge took, by the legs, very young and very innocent children who were related too closely to parents of intelligence and conscience. Their insanity swung them in one direction, smashing their minds to bits against this tree trunk of Cambodian insanity past. Insanity did this again and again. The mind of the Kymer Rouge sought to make their insanity the norm. Make it nationally acceptable. Change the conscience of their nation to that of blind willful obedience… to terror.

Like the Vietnamese too long ago, it is time for the civilized world to wake up and act on the threat, that American epicenter, that would also force our world to collectively change its conscience to that of acceptance of hatred and horror. To distract us with their pointy white hats and flowing white robes of racism from understanding the true root cause of this new attempt at endemic insanity.

We must no longer fight each other. We must fight… them!

When Andres Breivik was sentenced to what he knew would likely be life in prison, he was relieved. He said so. Worried about having been first found Criminally Insane, in one sentence Breivik confirmed why Norway and the world should have instead relegated him to a high-dose Thorazine induced straight jacket, to drool incoherently in the far corner of a forever locked padded cell. Exclaimed the worried racist mass murderer,

 “I must admit this is the worst thing that could have happened to me as it [being found insane] is the ultimate humiliation. To send a political activist to a mental hospital is more sadistic and evil than to kill him! It is a fate worse than death.”

This week it was reported that the Magistrate in Christchurch, New Zealand has ordered a first psychiatric evaluation of Brenton Tarrant. His insanity is as obvious as Breivik’s guilt. Tarrant must be put on display as the sideshow of racism that he is. The demands for  return to the correct sanity of conscience must be restored. Tarrant and his mind, his insanity, an insanity all too similar to that of one barbarous country that is also in the grip of an exceptional madness, must …forever… be…stopped. Wiped-out.



                                                                                   -THE END-


About the Author: Brett Redmayne-Titley has published over 170 in-depth articles over the past eight years for news agencies worldwide. Many have been translated. On-scene reporting from important current events has been an emphasis that has led to his many multi-part exposes on such topics as the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, NATO summit, Keystone XL Pipeline, Porter Ranch Methane blow-out, Hizbullah in Lebanon, Erdogan’s Turkey and many more. He can be reached at: live-on-scene ((at)) Prior articles can be viewed at his archive:



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