From Ebola 2014 to COVID-19, or…    Propagandizing the Profits of Panic.    

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley


Evil hides in the dark… the dark of its deeds forgotten. Without proper memory, déjà vu cannot warn one of the returning evil to come.

For a public having lost this defensive ability the incredible unreported parallels between what then was Ebola 2014 and is now the Covid-19 alleged pandemic have been ignored. When today’s bio-weapon saga of COVID-19 is compared closely, Ebola 2014 can best be described as a trial run.

To continue the correct investigative story begun by many other journalists into the hyperbole surrounding the virus officially known as SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes called COVID-19 the similarities between the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Western Africa and this year’s rush to a new global pandemic must not be ignored. They are too many in number and too close in comparison. This reporter documented these virtually unreported comparative details back in 2014 and the questions at that time called that quest for a global pandemic and its desperation for a vaccine substantially into question. The answer to those questions had a singular answer: Profit.

Six years after Ebola, when considering those past details, that one answer remains the same.

When Ebola hit the news in Feb. 2014 from Sierra Leone the first cases had actually already been reported in Guinea in October of 2013. The outbreak then was also blamed on bats: cave bats; not edible ones. This had plausibility since the very occasional previous outbreaks of Ebola, although unproven, were suspected to have been from bats.

Then something very fishy bubbled up. A local US bio-weapons lab was experimenting on an engineered Ebola strain made from the original virus, and this lab was– just by coincidence- scant miles from the epicenter of the outbreak.

Getting interested?

                                                  “Fear is the mind-killer.”– Frank Herbert

Well, the infection took off in Sierra Leone and next into Liberia while it spread in Guinea. So did the rush by CDC and WHO to a declared pandemic.

Ebola, having been the stuff of recent movie legend due to it being so highly infectious, having a 65+% mortality rate,  and its unique and disastrous effects on human organs, immediately provided to the public, via the media, a growing daily horror story. Day after day the worldwide public was treated to news of the growing epidemic and prognostications on the probability of a pandemic. The news in West Africa was horrible, they said, alarm was necessary. When the first case hit Europe followed by America, the race to a pan-panic, rather, pandemic, was on.

When Ebola hit the US panic was palpable on all news channels. At that time the Obama administration’s chosen camera moth was one, Mr Thomas Freidan, who seemingly on the hour appeared before the cable networks to spout gloom, doom, overreaction, and calls for mandatory lockdowns and enforced vaccinations. Mr Freidan, of course, could not always be available to stoke the flames of panic so in his place his top henchman appeared regularly in his stead. His name: Dr Anthony S. Fauci.

Pick any cable channel. He’s back.

In West Africa there was indeed a serious problem immerging, made worse, we were told by Freidan and Fauci, because there was no effective vaccine. One was desperately needed and pharmaceutical companies worldwide were rushing to their duty to save Africa and the world.

On, Oct. 6 of 2014, Dr Anthony S. Fauci, then director of the U.S. National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told The Canadian Press, “It is conceivable that this epidemic will not turn around…it might require a vaccine… it is quite conceivable, if not likely, that we may need to deploy the vaccine to the entire country to be able to shut the epidemic down.”

Fauci and Freidan issued daily, sometimes hourly, alarming statements such as, on Oct 16, 2014, the prediction, “Our data shows that cases are doubling every four weeks,” or when sister corporation, the National Institute for Health (NIH) helped out stating, “We may have to vaccinate whole countries to stop the Ebola outbreak,” with the equally corrupt multi-media reporting in unison, “The White House has shifted into ‘crisis mode’ on Ebola.”

One might, today, find these words uncomfortably familiar.

What the public was not told was that “expert” Dr Anthony S. Fauci was at that same moment also employed by Big Pharma giant Glaxo Smith Kline and that GSK was the only company at the time with a vaccine for Ebola already in the works.

What the public was not told was that there was already a clinically proven protocol to fight Ebola and that it was available right then and had been for more than a decade.

What the public was not told was that this Ebola, this biologically man-made Ebola strain, quite likely created at a US bio-weapons lab just down a dirt road at Kenema, Sierra Leon, was a new strain of Ebola that had already been secured by a United States patent. And… that this patent was owned by…the CDC.

“What the fuck!” was exactly what I said, too.


             “Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government”- Edward Bernays.,

And so the media circus of 2014 was on to create enough fear to bring a new worldwide agenda to bear. But buried under the vast and ever-growing pile of media excrement, back in Sierra Leone tiny bubbles of putrified truth were pushing ever upwards.

Turned out that the Ebola patent holder, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is not the same entity as the CDC featured on all media, which is instead the CDC Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity, just like the Gates’ and Clinton Foundations of equal infamy.  Although the CDC Foundation was chartered by Congress, it is not a government agency nor is it a division of CDC. It does, however, have a very dark, sinister, if not criminal, past. That past came back to the present with Ebola.

The stench began when it was reported from multiple sources that the US government had and has a viral fever bioterrorism research laboratory in Kenema, Sierra Leon, right near where the infection became international news. Apparently, they needed test subjects.

The CDC filed for its patent on the Ebola virus as, “The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Services, Center For Disease Control.”  On, April 29, 2010, the CDC had acquired the patent, and ownership, for the Zaire Ebola Virus (ZEBOV) the same one ravaging Africa and, according to Fauci and Freidan, soon the world.


Evidence of conspiracy increased when it was discovered that by patenting the Ebola virus CDC also acquired all rights for all pending bio-engineered forms of the heinous virus. Suspiciously, these rights included royalties for any subsequent vaccines and/or infection tests.


The “SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION” section of the patent document clearly shows that the U.S. government, via the CDC, claims “ownership” of all Ebola viruses that share as little as 70% similarity with the peculiar strain of Ebola it claims to have “invented”. This means that because the CDC owns Ebola, they would have indeed received a royalty for each dose of vaccine or test for infection.


Glaxo, during the tenure of Dr Anthony S. Fauci, had been previously accused of being up to their eyeballs in trying to take advantage of the Swine Flu epidemic of 2009 in order to profit from the sales of their vaccine. Glaxo along with the US Department of Defense was accused by a Council of Europe inquiry in 2009 of exaggerating the swine flu threat in order to sell vaccines.

Worse, as reported by the medical journal, The Lancet, in  May 2010 Wolfgang Wodarg, Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee, accused GSK  of collaborating with WHO officials to manufacture a “campaign of panic” and a ‘false disaster’ to create the appearance of a swine flu pandemic. Wodarg claimed that the threshold for an alert was deliberately lowered at the WHO, allowing a “pandemic” to be declared despite the actual statistics of the ‘swine flu.’

Also, the Glaxo vaccine when rushed to market had almost no established efficacy in use, except in their own self-authored and non-peer reviewed or FDA approved trails. This was not surprising since their Ebola vaccine was equally as useless, but just as potentially profitable regardless. Profit aside, Glaxo’s Swine Flu vaccine caused substantial damage to human life.

For the reader now quickly awakening to vaccine propaganda, veteran journalist Stephen Lendman this week penned the best synopsis of the disastrous history of many vaccine programs worldwide, many of which were under the tutelage of WHO, CDC and others. Stretching back decades, this is the best short bullet point rendition of this heinous history that this author has consumed.

Post Swine Flu, the UK government had to admit that the GSK swine flu vaccine had caused narcolepsy in victims from around the UK and Europe, including eight hundred children in the UK, whose families launched compensation claims in court.

In 2014 the press hid the fact that rational EU and West African countries were no longer using any CDC Ebola infection statistics because they were wrong. 69% of all reported Ebola cases had not been tested to confirm the supposed positive result, which requires blood analysis. Why? There was no accurate, early warning test for Ebola infection. None. As such, death from Malaria, Cholera, and insect bites were being counted as Ebola victims merely because their initial symptoms were similar.

Today the world is again told that there are few readily available tests for COVID-19 coronavirus. This pattern of a lack of testing allows for the creation of hypothetical and improbable results that served the CDC interests in 2014 and currently. During Ebola, Tom Friedan, the head of the CDC, when referring to the three US cases centered in Texas, called the PCR Ebola test being used “a very accurate test.” However, the US Department of Defense (DoD) manual titled, “Joint Project Manager Medical Countermeasures Systems,” dated August 14, 2014, disagreed stating,  “[The PCR  Ebola test] should not be used as the sole basis for patient management decisions.”

Worse for the CDC credibility was the front-page headline in Monrovia, Liberia’s largest newspaper, the ” Liberia Observer,” on Sept 9, 2014, that claimed Ebola was being deliberately propagated by US aid troops.  Titled, Ebola, AIDS Manufactured By Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?”  the article was authored by Dr Cyril Broderick,  Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Liberia’s College of Agriculture and Forestry, who stated this Ebola was a genetically modified, man-made organism (GMO). Citing evidence presented by Dr Leonard Horowitz, an expert on central Africa Ebola and AIDS, as well as research by journalist Jon Rappoport, Dr Broderick, who had been near the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leon since it started,  presented evidence of the presence of the alleged US bio-weapons research facility and the testing on the local population in the current West Africa Ebola zone.

The other major player in the Ebola facade of healthcare was the World Health Organization (WHO). When troops aren’t available, WHO does the dirty work on behalf of CDC, disguised as healthcare. Their weapon: vaccines.

The little-discussed concept of Eugenics, the culling of the population due to perceived over-population, comes into play regarding WHO since avowed eugenicists, such as purported benefactor, Bill Gates, provide substantial funding to WHO, including $50 million in 2014 for Ebola vaccine development.

The dedication to eugenics by the massive Gates’ tax dodge known as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was shown well before Ebola. Interestingly this week Gates suddenly resigned from Microsoft to work full time for the foundations’ goals which he has personally admitted include eugenics. Gates and WHO showed these intentions early on.

In 2011, WHO, backed by Gates, vaccinated millions of children across the Indian continent with a GLAXO developed polio vaccine. Over 47,500 children were thus paralyzed. Rather than discontinue the program, WHO instead gained formal Indian government support to continue the vaccinations despite the huge public outcry. This government complicity led to WHO stating publicly that India was a shining example of their vaccine program’s success.

As the vaccine injections continued, the people of India well understood their government’s message. So…they sent their reply. They hung the WHO workers, by their necks, from trees.

The government understood that message. The program was stopped.

A Scientific American article on April 16, 2013, “How the CIA’s Fake Vaccination Campaign Endangers Us All,” documents the US Military’s involvement in other WHO style vaccine programs in Pakistan and Nigeria despite overwhelming public opposition.

Adding further credibility to Ebola being a manufactured event was a report showing that the DoD gave a contract worth 140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research involving the injection and infusing of healthy humans with Ebola. The DoD is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715), which started in January 2014 shortly before the Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March.

Coincidence?  I’ve never seen one of those before.

So, for COVID-19, why is Dr Anthony S. Fauci daily predicting-again- the mandatory quarantine and vaccinations of Americans?

This answer now seems self-evident after consideration of Ebola 2014 intentions. This week’s news strongly increases suspicion that this COVID-19 pandemic was similarly well prepared.

In an obvious Ebola 2014 redux it was revealed –suddenly– that scientists at Israel’s (yes… Israel) Galilee Research Center have miraculously claimed to already have a vaccine for coronavirus under development that will be ready within weeks and that can be ready for the market within ninety days. The center is claiming that it has been engaged in four years of research on avian coronavirus funded by Israel’s Ministries of Science & Technology and Agriculture. Surprised clinicians have warned that even if a vaccine is indeed developed quickly it should normally be tested for side effects, a process that takes over a year and includes using it on infected humans.

Perhaps Dr Anthony S. Fauci works for the Galilee Research Center as well as Glaxo?


     “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”


However, the biggest omission during Ebola 2014 and the most profitable lie told repeatedly with conviction by CDC, WHO, world leaders and virtually all media is exactly the same lie that is being promulgated with such capitalist fervor now during COVID-19: That there is no cure and that life-saving vaccine must be rushed to save humanity in time.


There were at least two medicinal protocols available to the public during Ebola 2014, both of which had established clinical efficacy against the virus. Both were restricted from public knowledge by the media. Both were restricted from import into West Africa by the CDC, WHO and complicit government customs agencies. One is currently under clinical trials in China due to past success against viruses.

There is strong evidence that this one medication will also be effective on COVID-19. It’s cheap, easily available worldwide, and can be distilled in mass quantities immediately. In dozens of clinical trials regarding many viruses, including strains of coronavirus, this natural remedy has been proven to work repeatedly. However, it has one horrible global medical risk that will again keep it from the public’s usage:

It just ain’t profitable.

The Cuban health care connections cannot be ignored if only to separate the definitions espoused by each country. The Cuban healthcare support provided in 2014 was welcomed in West Africa when 2000 doctors arrived to help, while at the same time America sent-predictably- 3000 US troops instead.

In an obvious irony of today’s pandemic, the Cuban’s own and manufacture the drug Interferon B which has managed to effectively cure more than 1,500 patients of the coronavirus and is one of 30 drugs chosen by the Chinese National Health Commission to combat respiratory disease. Interestingly it is an HIV drug, which lends credence to the report from India that COVID-19 has had its RNC sequence altered with HIV. Interferon B is restricted by US sanctions from use in the Homeland so Americans will have to wrap themselves in their flags for protection instead. Cuba has offered the drug to several other countries.

Compare Cuba’s actions to those of the exceptional nation this week, when German newspaper Welt am Sonntag reported that US President Donald Trump offered german pharma lab CureVac about $1 billion to obtain the vaccine but only for use in the US. On the other hand, Cuba has been offering Interferon B to afflicted European countries as well as China.


One unreported possible cure was shown in a 2010 study by  Prof. Thomas W. Geisbert and a team on clinicians who first infected rhesus monkeys and macaques with Zaire Ebola virus (ZEBOV). Next, they tried to cure it using small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) targeting the virus. The results were highly encouraging since the disease was reversed in the majority of the two test groups. Dr Geisbert concludes his study with, “These data show the potential of RNA interference as an effective post-exposure treatment strategy for people infected with Ebola virus.”


As a result, this same treatment is underway towards manufacture in China now.


The disease COVID-19 is somewhat similar in how it attacks the body as with Ebola which has its own similarities to the old seaman’s disease, scurvy, which is caused by inadequate vitamin C. These rapidly dropping levels of necessary Vitamin C contribute directly to the effects of all three diseases in the onset stages and the late stages when organ failure causes mortality. Though scurvy is not usually fatal, scurvy represents only a partial deficiency of vitamin C, not zero, which Ebola causes. Absent any vitamin C, blood vessels become very weak and start to lose blood, and platelets become ineffective and unable to trigger clots. So death by Ebola is caused by massive internal hemorrhaging; hence the name; hemorrhagic fever.


However, the overlap in symptoms between Ebola and COVID-19 and the established efficacy of vitamin C to other coronavirus strains have scientists quickly examining this potential.


From an article by Dr Thomas Levy in Natural Health 365, “To date, not a single virus has been tested that is not inactivated (killed) by a large enough dose of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). There is no other substance that singularly does as much to promote increased and strong immune function as vitamin C”


Here in 2020, complicit national media are again barred from telling the public about any possible medicinal prevention, much less an inexpensive one. In 2014, and again with COVID-19, greed and profit mean that your media will not tell you about the scores of clinical trials that show Vitamin C to work on a myriad of viruses.


What is important to note within the massive amounts of COVID-19 data is that although the overall mortality rate does appear to be approximately that of other pandemics this reflects only those whose immune system is strong enough to conquer the disease individually. However, for those who eventually require admission to ICU the mortality rate goes up dramatically. This means that fighting the infection in the early stages is paramount. Vitamin C has been proven to do so. Data from China shows an ICU mortality rate as high as 70% depending on the age of the patient.


And that’s assuming they have available ventilators.


Because of the already established efficacy of Vitamin C against many other viruses including coronavirus, the Chinese government began its own clinical trial [NCT04264533] using intravenous Vitamin C on Feb 11, 2020, under the direction of Chinese professor, Zhiyong Peng.  Although the results are forthcoming, the summary of the study provides hope by referring to previous studies which showed proven efficacy in the onset stages of these similar viruses.


In the preamble of the study, Dr Peng notes that Vitamin C has previously shown to have strong efficacy in the initial stages of other coronavirus infections. States Dr.Peng:


“When sepsis happens, the cytokine surge caused by sepsis is activated, and neutrophils accumulate in the lungs, destroying alveolar capillaries. Early clinical studies have shown that vitamin C can effectively prevent this process. In addition, vitamin C can help to eliminate alveolar fluid by preventing the activation and accumulation of neutrophils.


Dr Peng refers to the success of a controlled but non-randomized trial where 85% of the 252 students treated with 1g / hour at the beginning of symptoms for 6h, followed by 3x 1g / day

experienced a reduction in symptoms.


These benefits are shown in the early stages. However, for patients who deteriorate to the onset of ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and the need for ICU and ventilation Dr Peng admits that at this stage Vitamin C is of little use.


“ Among patients with sepsis and ARDS, patients in the high-dose vitamin group did not show a better prognosis and other clinical outcomes.” 


However, as reason for the study Dr.Peng provides, quite dramatically, the results of the mortality of a sub-group of patients in a JAMA study whose immune systems had not conquered the disease and had progressed to ARDS and ICU treatment. These results were alarming:


“Statistics of the 41 patients with SARI published in JAMA showed that 13 patients were transferred into the ICU, of which 11 (85%) had ARDS and 3 (23%) had shock. Of these, 10 (77%) required mechanical ventilation support, and 2 (15%) required ECMO support. Of the above 13 patients, 5 (38%) eventually died and 7 (38%) were transferred out of the ICU.”


What has become quite clear applied to COVID-19 is the likely yet hidden potential benefits of early vitamin C use available to everyone immediately. Hence, the age-old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is indeed once again sage advice.


Unless you’re a Big Pharma exec and any ounce of prevention is anathema worth $Billions in cure.




            “Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.”-                                                                   

                                                                                                                                 -Noam Chomsky     

By mid-2014,  the panic was finally taking hold. Bolstering unreported concern of complicity and conspiracy was the call from the U.S. State Department for bids on 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits, as announced by U.S. manufacturer, “Lakeland Industries.” This request came out the same month that the first cases of Ebola un-reportedly hit Guinea.

Not taking any chances with popular opinion, in July that year President Obama signed into law an amendment to  Executive Order 13295, which redefined who can be forcefully quarantined and why. This adjustment allowed any police officer or ‘health official’ to, without question, and on suspicion alone, quarantine anyone simply for showing any sign of respiratory illness.”


This is already taking place in San Francisco and San Diego, and… never mind, it’s all of California now.


Events continued to move rapidly as president Obama next manufactured a new Federal  government “Ebola Czar.”  In the time of Ebola, this was, Ron Klain, who had no track record at all in healthcare or emergency services, which would have seemed pre-requisites. A review of his resume showed that Klain was the usual consummate insider with a proven track record of doing and saying what he was told, and shutting up in between.


Klain might sadly have been preferable to the current Virus Czar, VP Mike Pence, who likely believes that this whole virus thing is The Rapture finally sent by God to cleanse the earth-except for all those other God-fearing religious whackos who emulate him from upon their knees every Sunday, bible in hand.


But as with current faux-president Trump’s decisions of late, the massive hyperbolic effort towards fear of Ebola was strangely belied by inaction and obvious medical mistakes all seemingly designed to instead spread Ebola not restrict it. As we see today, these mistakes were sounded by all media to increase fear of the pending pandemic.


When the first American to contract the disease, Eric Duncan died it was revealed to a horrified public that the health workers treating him were allowed to walk about in public for days before suddenly being very publicly quarantined.


One Ebola exposed nurse, Amber Vinson, who showed Ebola-like symptoms, was allowed to get on a sold-out aeroplane and potentially infect all the passengers. Suddenly it was national news that the CDC was desperately trying to find her.


When it came to air travel Obama was as ineffective as Trump. Obama refused to require any verbal screening of passenger at international airports to ask where they were from and where they had been before entering?


The ominous comparisons add up to this possibly being the deliberate spread of an acceptable rationale- the virus- for a nation-wide pandemic. Like West Africa, the supposed victims may, or may not, actually have contracted COVID-19. Truth is irrelevant to the greater ability of the government  to be able to state that each and every new outbreak is legitimate.


So as the staggering Ebola 2014 death toll in America jumped exponentially from one to two to four victims out of a final grand total on eleven nationwide infections (seven transported in from other countries), America’s pundits already had the US population quivering, the media frothing, the politicians blathering, and Big Pharma salivating. Salivating at the guaranteed profits to be reaped.


But then suddenly came the worst, the most terrible news so far. News that shook Big Pharma to its greedy, fear-mongering core: No one else fucking died!


No death…no fear. No fear … no vaccine. No vaccine…no profit. No profit….?




The apparent quest for Ebola vaccine riches by the CDC, WHO, NIH and their related puppet masters like Bill Gates dried up and blew away faster than a coronavirus on cardboard.


Unfortunately, what also blew away was any memory of Ebola 2014 in the minds of those who need the function more than ever today.


Redux? Or repetition?






Like Ebola 2014 fear is again at a fever pitch in America and across the world. Similarly, the same players who failed in 2014 are at the helm of this new effort to produce profits from panic. Certainly, this virus is alarming, but is the truth a mere fraction of the hyperbole offered in media unison? History would suggest so, strongly.


Thankfully, since Ebola 2014 many other solid journalists have joined the ranks of the skeptical and delved into their own suspicions and providing considerable evidence to counter the COVID-19 propagandized narrative. At the time that I released the information presented here and more, my efforts at publication were met with the black death of editorial silence or being suddenly blackballed by publications I had contributed to for years, without explanation.


Fortunately, the truth did ooze out thanks to a publication from the Mid-East whom I had written for previously. Readership response was as expected, so much so that Facebook disabled the “share” abilities for the article to prevent further readership.

As of this writing, again, something stinks. As with Ebola 2014, the current crisis is far disproportionate, particularly when considering, in turn, the comparisons to statistics of the 2009-10 Swine Flu pandemic applied to America.

As of mid-March 2010, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the real CDC) estimated that about 59 million Americans contracted the H1N1 virus, 265,000 were hospitalized as a result and 12,000 died (0.02%). Compare that to the COVID-19 totals as of this writing being 225 dead and 16,500 infected.

Few even remember the purported Swine Flu pandemic. Where was the hue and cry of the socio-economic disaster and rush to martial law back then? Yet, as we see before us today the nation is virtually on lock-down despite this “pandemic” so far being barely a nose bleed by comparison to 2009 and N1H1 Swine flu. To date, COVID-19 is not 2% of the former death toll, yet we are all – already- locked in our homes.

When remembering the details it certainly seems that the practice run that petered out as Ebola has been substantially perfected this time.

The whole story is slowly but continually surfacing with independent journalists providing reporting that factually challenges the ongoing media narrative of fear and compliance. Their reporting goes far beyond the historical Ebola 2014 comparison provided here, which combined should provide pause for considerable concern about the circumstances of this very moment.

For the rest of a disinterested America: Do not worry. Big Pharma is rushing to cook-up something special just for you.

Just roll up your sleeve.

WRB wants your feedback on this important article. This is YOUR world. Stand-up and be counted. It is time!

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