Deflating the American Bully- The World Raises It’s Fists.

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley

-“Once you strip away that feeling of invincibility, he can be had.– Rocky Marciano.

Bullies historically, nationally, and American have all suffered from an arrogance born from remaining unchallenged after vanquishing weaker foes. Flush with the illusion of invincibility the world-wide bully, America, has reaped its terror on scores of the world’s countries and their citizens. What all bullies fear most is a challenger. One that can expose his weaknesses, thereby giving renewed strength to his victims.

Since the people of south-east Asia threw them out in 53,000 body bags, post cold war USA has so far only picked on countries having little ability to defend themselves. The US military and/or their proxy army, NATO, has avoided any fair fight. From puny Panama(1) and Grenada(2), to Iraq and Afghanistan, and now off to Northern and Central Africa(3) by way of the Middle East and Western Asia(4), the world has watched this accelerating thirty year set of American economic plunder and social atrocity. While sanctifying,”Freedom”, and, “Democracy,” the US has manifested a more accurate definition in the minds its its victims; “Empire” and “Servitude.”

Ukraine seemed an easy geopolitical target for the same hegemonic script used since Vietnam(34). Propagate a fictitious national “democratic” uprising; have fictitious vilified Gov’t forces brutally attack the fictitious democracy; have American media use propaganda to effect the final act of the play; over-throw the existing Gov’t by bringing American muscle to bare,”in country.”

To the world’s populations it is no longer a secret that America demands a purely Zionist, corporatist, and militarist agenda of selfishness and greed. Strangely, after three decades of abusive Democratic hypocrisy, America’s myopic arrogance fails to note; the jig is up. Or, that Ukraine has a very big brother.


The bully has finally met its match.


Enter Vladimir Putin.


– “The bitterest part of being bullied is the memory that you were once  happy.” Perry Morgan.


Across the world, The Drone, America’s image of wanton, ever-vigilant, terror is a metaphor for Freedom recognizable by all. Always circling, always vigilant, always willing to kill for its masters it provides constant threat and oppression. The citizens of the world are now all Afghan villagers. Just like villagers who understand who is killing their families and children, the world knows who cuts short their future. America.


Indeed the rap-sheet of the history of American empire is a long list.


Long before American “exceptionalism” was recently quantified by the current puppet president, US foreign policy was indeed the exception. An exception to humanity. The anti-communist definition of “freedom” meant expansionism, coup d’état(5), death squads (6), economic sanctions(7), poverty, assassination(8), massacre(9), fear, and terror across central and South America. In this regard the US was already “exceptional.”


From Argentina(10) to Bolivia(11), Honduras(12), Chile(13), El Salvador(14), Costa Rica(16), Columbia(17), Nicaragua(18), Venezuela(19), and Peru(20) the steely grip of freedom was thrust on free people. When the Soviet Empire collapsed, primarily due to costs of their own world-wide war machine, these countries were left without external protection or funding, either Soviet and American.


Replacing US government “aid” was the Zionist American inspired International Monetary Fund (IMF) inflicting even more misery and economic despair(21). Over the next decades these same populations that Uncle Sam no longer had interest in were mandated with a replacement American brand-name; “globalization.” The social, economic, and environmental results have been disastrous. But the wealthy got much richer so this was, of course, the perfect capitalist success story. To the populations this has been a horror story.


Democratically elected leaders, like Daniel Ortega, current president of Nicaragua, remember well having their governments overthrown by the American Empire(22). Ortega, who is again President, like many of the South American and Central American leaders, has a long memory. With many reasons to fear renewed American empire building, Ortega and current populist leaders such as, Rafael Correa (Ecaudor), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Dilma Rouseff (Brazil), and Michelle Bachelet (Chile) remember well what American democracy truly means. They want no part of it.(24, 25, 26, 27)


In Europe the Euro has proved to be American capitalism’s economic noose around twenty-four (27) separate population’s neck. The European Central Bank (ECB),  structured to serve Zionist banking interests in the mold of the US Federal Reserve and the UK’s Bank of England, controls the Euro. As a result of the American banking industry spawned manipulation and criminal fraud(28), virtually all EU nations are feeling the squeeze of American greed-based economics. The American inspired IMF, flush with cash from Latin American conquests, waits to offer ” loans” in order to buy up national assets for a pittance (29). It is obvious to these populations from Spain to Greece, France and Belgium, Britain to Germany, that trickle-down economics means austerity, low wages, no benefits, and a deteriorating lifestyle(30).  Correctly, they blame America.


Like their Latin American predecessors, reaction by these new afflicted populations, in demanding beneficial changes from their governments, has been met with the traditional American response. Police brutality. This brutality has only increased in severity as a response to the myriad of growing national protests world-wide. In cities across the globe popular uprisings, are being put down with tear gas, bullets, stun grenades, and bloody intimidation by an authoritarian presence dressed in American made uniforms, carrying American made weapons(31).


For US military personnel returning to the “Homeland”, often after enduring a seventh or eighth tour of duty away from friends and family, they come home to a similar fate as the populations they were sent to dominate. In the face of domestic realities American exceptionalism and its obligations to duty are hard to swallow. What they were fighting for is reflected at home, and the results are not traditionally American. Not what they thought they were fighting for. Military style brutality against their own citizens, restricted free speech, bold-faced propaganda, sanctified criminal corporate behavior, growing unemployment, a corrupt congress, paid for judiciary, Zionist controlled president, mounting inflation, pension cuts,  slashed benefits, the rich getting richer and more powerful(33).The result of this Democracy is that there is no one else to blame. The circle is complete.


Even America’s puppet master, Israel, is an avowed adversary(34). Not wanting democracy, Israel and AIPAC control the US congress and senate while offering only an increasingly anti- American agenda to American voters every election cycle. The political two party choice of, ” Giant Douche,” or, “Turd Sandwich,” is not funny anymore(35). Americans, like their world-wide brethren, know who is to blame. America.


The American bully understands that his victims are rising up. Oppressed populations have no choice. The bully has pushed too far. Taken too much. He knows he must maintain existing fear and terror at any cost, or the “blow-back”(36) from his victims will cut him down to size. Fear is his major weapon.




” It’s Not the Despair That Gets to You. It’s the Hope.” Todd Snider


The choice has never been more clear: A future of hope or a future of despair. Sanctioned opportunity or mandated misery. Why is it that America is surprised when populations rise up?  Exceptionalism.


This week’s UN General Assembly vote on Ukrainian “democracy” reveals that the lines have been drawn across the globe. The choice is Good versus evil, right versus wrong, happiness or despair, value for humanity verses the “exceptional.” In the eyes of the world America is increasingly light on the scales of objective justice.


Countries voting for redefining Ukrainian democracy, one hundred in all were of three categories. First, established first-world counties already backing America Militarily, while putting down dissent and opportunity in their homelands. These included Australia, UK, Germany, Quatar, Saudia Arabia, etc, al.


Next the want-to-be countries already with American backed dictators who want to curry favor with America in order to reap the spoils of Empire. They too are willing to put down their own increasingly unhappy populations in the American style while paying homage to the failing dollar.  Romania, Slovenia, Singapore, Mexico, and Malaysia, all declared their countries open to the Empire for business.


Last were the dictatorships sucking on the teat of American financial military and economic aid in order to stay in power. A long list indeed such as Haiti, Honduras, Czech Republic, Georgia, Estonia, D. R. Congo, Phillipines and Somalia. All these leaders know a common theme. Without American muscle they will be swinging from the end of a rope or feeling the pain of eleven out of twelve rifle shots.


Votes against were as predictable. Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, China, etc. The abstentions showed where the line has been drawn.


Not willing to draw the ire of America, nor back the Empire many nations took the least problematic path. Their vote, however could be considered a “no” vote considering these are the countries actively promoting prosperity, happiness and a positive future through concern for their populations. Like Crimea they would prefer a Russian outcome in Ukraine. Jamaica, Kenya, Mongolia, Mozambique, Pakistan, and Myanmar already know that their countries are targets for the Empire. This future they do not want.


As Putin eloquently put it in a New York Times op-ed piece of Sept 11, 2013,


Millions around the world increasingly see America not as a model of democracy but as relying solely on brute force, cobbling coalitions together under the slogan “you’re either with us or against us.”


Regarding American exceptionalism he concluded,


“It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.”


In favor of a repeatedly failed economic allusion formerly disparaged as “trickle-down economics,” US policy would have world populations deluded into believing that their economic and social demise will somehow ultimately be to their benefit. There exists no example of this feat. In voting for, against, or abstaining on the UN resolution world leaders have clearly stated what future they have decided for their populations.


The world knows what America stands for. Presidents and Prime Ministers know what a yes vote for Ukrainian “sovereignty” means. The American ” Dream.” Complete corporate dominance. Elimination of popular democracy. Rigged elections. Restricted civil rights. Growing hypocrisy. Growing police brutality. False flag operations. Poisonous GMO foods. Destruction of the ecology. No more bees. Bank bailouts with citizen’s money. Seizure of personal assets. Unemployment. Growing poverty. Growing military expenditures. Pollution. Deregulation. No corporate financial liability. Indemnification for the elite for their financial crimes. Legalized fraud. Media propaganda. Gutted social services. No savings. No house. No retirement. No hope.


Ignoring their populations they also choose; no future.


The world needs heroes more than ever. It needs leaders, real leaders who will stand up to the American bully. Examples of sincerity, honesty, integrity, humanity, and courage have been vilified by America. Thanks to the world-wide examples of Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and Edward Snowden, the train wreck of truth has been gathering passengers who demand a better future. These initial leaders and many like them in opposition movements from Egypt to Palestine, Spain to England, Bahrain to Crimea have started a movement to confront the American bully. The more world corporate media has suppressed the crimes of empire, the more the facts have surfaced. The primary truth being that America must be stopped.


But they like the people of the world need a leader. Someone who can coalesce the opposition forces and give them strength in numbers.


Enter the natural enemy of the bully: the counter-puncher. World-wide everyone can see America’s is not an acceptable definition of Freedom and Democracy. So the world, hungry for hero to stand up to the bully, cheers for Russia and Vladimir Putin.


Quietly, and with a metered confidence, forced to reluctantly defend himself, while putting up his fists he offers a one word challenge on behalf of his country, and on behalf of a beleaguered world. To the bully the strongest, most challenging of all words. ” NO!”


Having kept his cards close at hand for years Putin has quietly strengthened his Russian national assets, economic, geo-political, and military. As a former lieutenant colonel he has been studying his American adversary for more than fifty years. Not arrogant, not rash, nor verbose, Putin is the counter-puncher that the US bully did not think would come to this fight.


Indeed. Without firing a shot, without intimidating threats, or surreptitious coup d’état Putin has unleashed a volley, doing what every victim of democracy has longed to be able to do. With a skillful combination of jabs, dodges, weaves, lefts, rights, and quick maneuvers has beaten America about the temples. Delivered in the form of speedy legitimate Crimean elections, a real pro- Russian populist rebellion, removal of Ukrainian subsidies, while holding the keys to the EU’s energy supply and a UN Security council veto Putin has the bully punch-drunk. With the champion’s quiet reserve Putin offers his jaw to a ham-fisted America saying, “give me your best shot.”


The world cheers!


The Vampire’s Reflection.


When Putin gave Crimea back their sovereignty he did more than give Crimea a future. He offered the world a comparison of two worlds. A choice. Using the Crimean example the two futures, hope verses despair, are now very real.


Crimea is more than a military buffer zone. It is the reflection of these two futures separated by one common border. By setting up a free trade economic zone in sovereign Crimea Putin has offered just the opposite of a promised Ukrainian future. When the American coup installed neo-Nazi regime in Kiev rejected Russia’s package of economic aid Vladimir Putin in favor of EU “loans” Putin provided that same aid to Crimea. Now Crimea will see increased group global trade, incentives, loans, and foreign investment. Good old-fashioned, capitalism. Grow the country. Put people to work. Give them an economic future.


Across the border Ukraine’s future is that of the  Iraq present. This past week Moody’s, the credit rating service, downgraded Ukrainian bond status to,


        “Default imminent with little prospect for recovery.”


With Ukrainian gold reserves all having left the country on an unmarked military transport Moody’s may have had this in mind. The World Bank also issued a gloomy forecast, and terms of the piecemeal IMF twenty-three billion-dollar “loan” show that in exchange aside for massive austerity mandates, the funds will be used to pay existing interest on debt back to the IMF while allotting most of the rest of the funds for contracts with American military-industrial complex for weapons to maintain their fraudulent democracy.


Collectively this assures Ukraine of austerity, contracting GDP, increasing unemployment, low paying jobs, loss of benefits, seizure of assets, and certain civil unrest. Ukrainian neo-Nazis currently in power have shown no reluctance for brutality. They have already shot at least twenty-three of their own citizens in Maidan Square regardless of American media lies. The carnage is only the beginning.


Already much of Ukraine is making a seemingly obvious choice. From Donetsk to Horlivka the regions of Ukraine are demanding new referendums, i.e., a future. They want to return to Russia’s nest. It is only a matter of time before Kiev, just like America, is surrounded by nations that have followed the Crimean choice. A choice that does not include America.


Conflict is assured since the bully will swing wildly in a desperate attempt to regain control. As America blusters with meaningless sanctions, and miniscule troop buildups, the reflection of this simple choice will be offered daily to the world regardless of media lies. It is a bloody fight and will get worse, but Vladimir Putin can take heart that around the world nations and the populations of the world have already made their choice.


Taking down the Empire… BRICS by BRICS.


Brazil, India, China, South Africa, and Russia have good reasons to fear America’s victims of empire. As past victims, they now have the assets to control their futures.  Already the BRICS nations have soared from 16% of global GDP in the mid-1990s to 27% in 2008. These countries have what America does not; an abundance of mineral resources, quickly growing GDP, stable governments, strong asset-backed currencies, substantial gold reserves, and an increasingly prosperous population. These countries and their leaders know the American Empire will not stop at their borders either. They know America’s track record as world bully but they also know America is financially, institutionally, and morally bankrupt. Like Russia these four economic powerhouses have been watching America’s growing empire and have been preparing. They also know a secret, a secret America does not want shared with its victims, past, present, or future. America’s Achilles’ heel. The sharp wooden stake to the American vampire’s heart.


The petrodollar.


While America has been adding debt in trillion dollar increments, it has also reduced its currency’s value via additional trillions of dollars in artificially printed money thanks to Quantitative Easing. All the time the BRICS have taken a far more defensive economic position.


By expanding their manufacturing, mining, and transportation infrastructures BRICS countries have had the goal of doing business directly via exports. These same countries all by-passed America in switching substantially to green, renewable sources of energy. In the last decade these are the expanding economies of the world. In preparation for truly international trade without the petrodollar these nations, now less reliant on petroleum, are by-passing American control by trading in their own national currencies, i.e., not using the dollar. More recently the BRICS, along with Iran began to purely trade, quid pro quo, an exchange of national goods and commodities without the exchange of currency at all. Reliance by the BRICS for the American dollar’s involvement has decreased contract by contract.


By doing so BRICS are deliberately leaving behind the US Zionist controlled dollar. Subsequently, the true value of the US dollar will become apparent; zero. America knows this realization will be disastrous. This nonmilitary strategy provides the added benefit of not having the controlling Zionist banking interests such as the US Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of London, manipulating world currency values via the dollar, the pound, or the euro. Foundation currencies such as gold and silver have also suffered manipulation. Ultimately America will suffer hyperinflation leaving the Empire to wallow in a pile of dirty, worthless money.


With monstrous inflation, no funds for war, and massive internal insurrection from an enraged population, America will no longer have the tools for war. The irony that America’s terminal condition will be just like Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Nigeria, etc., is not lost on the leaders of BRICS nations.


America has no friends, less and less allies, and the world is increasingly realizing that the bully is just a very large windbag.  In Ukraine the American  bully continues to swing wildly hoping to strike renewed fear.


No. Not this time.


Over the shoulder of the Russian counter-puncher the bully sees first one, then another, then one more victim rise-up behind the challenger, raising their fists. Standing close behind, edging ever forward they assume his courage, emboldened. Mad. Vengeful.


Now, more victims rise. Confident. Still more. Into his eyes the bullies sees the collective stares of his former victims piercing his mantle of terror. Together, all reveal that the American bully is in fact, a coward.


At ringside the crowd goes wild, cheering uncontrollably. Mocking the bully they hurl a lifetime of insults, throwing the memory of despair at the bullies lowered head. The roar becomes louder. Crumbled pieces of failed empire rain down on the bully. The ring shakes as the crowd pounds the canvas rattling the last remains of his failing arrogance. The crowd spits at his feet. He is done.



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