Trapped! (You, too.)

By: Brett Redmayne-Titley


“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.”

― Alexander Solzhenitsyn

To divorce one’s self- finally– from nationalistic illusionary comfort. There is no harder decision any world citizen will ever make. To “up and go” is a decision that pits one’s developed reason against that propaganda; self-preservation against nationalism, fact against friend, and history against ignorance. These conflicts boil together night after night when one’s mind wrangles throughout with this grinding web of conflict thus further inspired by an acute understanding of past deeds and surreptitious capitalist motives perpetrated by an Empire gone mad.

Within another sleepless night, whilst again wrestling with the incredible facts of this new “crisis” being incubated by an acute understanding of the draconian history of “exceptionalism,” in the dead of night one’s own faculties also come into question within the all-enveloping gloom.

But in the early light of dawn, this compulsory personal debate has, this night, boiled down to the most important sentence ever considered by this author as one simple- impossible- word.




Against ever mounting media hyperbole, the growing suspicions of the COVID-19 media narrative do factually exist in droves despite the virus threatening the world on all societal and economic levels. The rich are fleeing. Their money buys justice and justice- their justice– buys them freedom.

However, the true tale applied to the rest of this world’s “expendables” is being accurately filled in more each day thanks to alternate reporting. The media’s linear path to all-encompassing endemic fear is being substantially challenged by the too few real journalists who still correctly practice the craft combined with the smaller fraction of publications-such as this fine journal- that will indeed bring their work to proper attention.

Proper consideration of this vast body of work should be a sound reason for any person’s mental faculties to take urgent heed.

For any quality journalist, or their readers, the recent history of geo-political treachery and barbarity over the past four generations by a separate Zionist/American virus must be added to complete the conversation. With a historic level of claustrophobic nationalism being again whipped to a lather, the ultimate threat to personal liberties seems beyond doubt. For this fear is also a virus, but of a different kind.  I do fear this virus, for I do fear the viral tyranny of the US government far more than I fear any mere coronavirus.

That type of virus I can control.

More national borders close each day. These closures progressively restrict the exit of those whose sixth sense of self-preservation strongly suggests that the most prudent plan of action is to watch America’s act within this play called COVID-19, from a safe distance far away.

Many might, at this juncture, imagine a similar moment when German citizens-at the least– faced a similar conundrum that, then,  would not allow for sleep. The rational minds of many pleaded with them, too, to leave. But society, family, friends and media howled against them and their factual rationale as being traitorous or treasonous at best. Delusional at worst.  Very few did leave. Most stayed. Many died.

Today, all of America, and much of the world is challenged with a similar decision. Most, however, thus having been properly propagandized, have no knowledge of any threat other than an unseen virus. Instead the public is gleefully enjoying-so far- their virus vacation while awaiting a paltry $1200 payment in lieu of their use of once available mental faculties. As Milton Mayer retrospectively assessed the Germany of 1933- 1945 in his book They Thought They Were Free,”

“… you live, you have been living more comfortably every day, with new morals, new principles. You have accepted things you would not have accepted five years ago, a year ago, things that your father, even in Germany, could not have imagined.”

For a person, such as this author, who has embraced a love of the freedom of unrestricted travel across a vast swath of the world for some fifty years, what the Germans, then, and Americans, present similarly take for granted is the greatest fundamental freedom of all: freedom of the choice of one’s life vs. death. In roaming as much as possible the ravages of this world, like many another journalist, I found myself in occasional circumstances of decided peril. But in each, it was I who made the decision to risk my life and my freedom. It was I who was to blame and it was I that managed-somehow- to live to write another day. Those choices were all my own and I was free to make them: Good or bad. Free to choose my life vs. death. The ultimate freedom.

For those in the times of Nazi Germany, when the border exits were incrementally restricted  for the German citizen awaking to the threat, that choice eventually was no longer any of the German people’s to make. From that moment that fundamental right was forever expressly at the whim of their government. The personal freedom of Life v. Death was no longer solely at their own volition.

It would be a decade of historic carnage and evil personified by a virus collectively called “The Third Reich” before that singular freedom would purportedly return to a society thus destroyed.

As went that innate and often fatal decision during that fateful time in Germany not long ago, so came this authors decision of 2020. To watch the developments of the coming days from the relative safety of some foreign abode. To maintain the one choice of freedom I hold so dear. I know of no other word that will, without doubt, preserve this right.




My decision finally made, the exhaust of a breath of relief is audible. The new found hope provided from this hard won personal struggle is a tremendous daily weight being lifted. I smile for the first time in days. Fighting the propaganda, I have won. I will remain free.  I am leaving.

Resolved in my decision I begin to look for sanctuary anywhere with better prospects than the land of the purportedly “free” and the home of the “exceptional.” I had thought this would be an easier task. But after my years of endeavors as a world citizen journalist delving into the extent of the afflicting empire of many governments and countries, this was not so simple.

First came the problem of which countries were not already greedily embracing the American societal model right towards the goal posts of capitalist, anti- democratic, authoritarian, terror. This, of course, eliminated most-all of Europe, the UK, most of Africa, all of India, Australia, Canada and New Zealand just to cross-off the list from that first consideration.

What few countries therefore remained as possibilities were depleting as fast as the hyperbolic fear of the virus was spreading. With US borders to Mexico and Canada already closed, now, the few countries remaining as options were closing their doors to air traffic quickly. No foreigners. Period.

While this was arguably a wise choice by these countries, with each border closing that sense of German déjà vu, that sense of prenicient dread, one factually built upon years of closely studying the barbaric rise of an Empire, only brought the sleepless nights to their own sweating fever pitch.

Some dozen years ago I began a sojourn based on a promise to myself: to report on the larger worldwide lie that was consuming those all around me. I decided I would document America’s and, by its extension, the world’s “Sorrows of Empire” and its descent to becoming a mono-cratic democracy along with its populace  seemingly so easily lobotomized into willful ignorance by its media.

I did, and regularly challenged the narrative that back then was being joined in this effort by many other new independent journalists utilizing the internet of things today. So, paper sword in hand I began what would in the long run turn out to be, as of this day, a fruitless Quixotic quest.

To ignore one’s own rational mind, one’s breadth of journalistic endeavors and those of so many others and then to ultimately make the one mistake, the incredible lapse in judgement- and timing- is a sin of hypocrisy for which this journalist should- figuratively- put up against the wall and shot.

For my crime I must now see this play- and my fate- through to the final curtain of this play called “COVID-19.”


“When we are no longer able to change a situation…we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor E. Frankl

Head in hand, I stare at the plane ticket-now ripped in half. My neatly packed suitcase and camera gear sit too still on the bed. Three recently purchased non-fictions, to keep me busy, are on top of this pile. All sit, waiting: waiting to…leave. No longer.

The very last border, my last flight to freedom… has just been closed.

I stare at my three passports. None serve me any purpose now. They lay scattered, useless, tossed about the floor. They are for travel, the freedom of travel. Travel I cannot. Now, just visa stamped memories of my many adventures when I was, such a short time ago, free. Free to leave.

On my computer screen before me now pops up a news flash. It confirms much of my fears. It confirms all that I have struggled with during every sleepless night spent prior to finding the strength of my own convictions and allegiance to my own mind. This news, it confirms my decision.

Trump, says the news flash, has just signed an executive order that will allow one million- one fucking million- National Guard troops and their equivalent arsenal onto the streets of America.

Next, flashes the news that propaganda “expert” Dr. Anthony S. Fauci is absolutely sure that everyone will get the virus and vaccines must be rushed to save me, and they must be mandatory.

The facts, the ones I believe to be the actual little-reported truth about COVID-19, do not support his call to fear.

The final formal lock-down of America’s borders is surely only days away. As of moments ago,I cannot get on a plane. I have no further plan available to consider.

Regardless of one’s chosen subset of information taken from within the media’s pan-panic of debatable findings about this virus crisis, if a national lock-down is imposed by military force, as seems likely, how long will this re-branded martial law last in a financially and morally bankrupt nation already desperate for survival long before it conjured up this brand new pandemic?

To bear witness to this rising viral madness of American fear and panic from the prudent distance of another country was a decision fought within the madness of a society and its infection of that madness of my soul. My decision for which I fought so long and hard: This decision… I will not change.

Oh, I tried to leave.

For the first time in all my time wandering this planet my future and my freedom are officially no longer my own. I have no true freedom, for I can no longer leave for safer pastures.

I never got out in time.

I am now …trapped! Trapped, physically and mentally, within a cacophony of informational static that my mind refuses- like my fate- to accept. I do not accept this. But…

I am trapped.

You, too.



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