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Watching Rome Burn is not a news blog. It is an archive of my published stories made available for future review by concerned world citizens yearning for better reporting from journalists who have only master… the full unadulterated story!

Out of respect for the few good journalists that put their pen to paper in order to showcase the correct example of quality, old-school journalism, I occasionally showcase¬† a selected few journalists who deserve a bigger audience and/ or are having trouble breaching the growing worldwide censorship that would have us “truthtellers” give up or send our work to the rubbish bin.

Are you one of those? Contact me with your submissions and I will gladly review your work.

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The WRB Contributors…

Rich Scheck-Political Commentator

As 2019 begins, I am very pleased to announce that balsy and fearless political commentator, Rich Scheck will be bring the WRB readers his cutting analysis of daily current events. Rich’s articles are an excellent path to the real and complete story via his commentary and the many links he provides the reader for their further knowledge.

Norbert Haering- Leading Economist.

In the field of real economics that looks at the reality of capitalist economic theory applied the worker worldwide, there is no better economist to pay attention to. I have been reading Norbert’s articles for years and find them to be some of the best presented, well reasoned and referenced of all the economic journalist. His work on the advent of the Cashless socity in India stands out in this regard. His speech before the House of Lords in the UK exeplifies why we at WRB are so enthusiastic to bring his ongoing articles to you.

It is our hope that the courage shown by the conributorsto WRB becomes the courage you need to stand-up and also make your voice heard.


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