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Brett Redmayne-Titley has been reporting on-scene for a decade in an effort to provide better quality reporting from current events of geo-political, environmental and moral importance. Having visited over fifty countries he is a world citizen and life-long activist, political commentator and world citizen. The author has published over one hundred in-depth articles, many of them multi-part exposes, which have been re-published and translated internationally. He can be reached at:


Terminal Apathy?: What Rats Say About Americans.

“Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” - Aristotle When considering the cause of national apathy, Americans are evidently physiologically and socially similar to the junk food addled laboratory rat. Both tolerate repressive environments while confined against their will in a maze. In the natural desire to escape and find freedom, like the affected rat, Americans... Read More

From TPP San Diego/ U.S. Chief Negotiator Calls 135 Members of Congress, Four Senators, Liars!

“Is that thing on?” gasped Barbara Weisel, U.S. Chief Negotiator at the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations after having just accused four U.S. senators, and one hundred thirty-two congress persons, of lying to the American public. This included reference to Sen. Ron Wyden who has, repeatedly, demanded to see a copy of the treaty. Milliseconds after accusing one fourth of the U.S.... Read More

TPP: What Media?! – The Whores of the 4th Estate.-Part Four

Author’s Note: This is Part Four of a previous report direct from the 2012 San Diego TPP negotiations re-published by Activist Post to bring urgent awareness of the threat of TPP to its American and international readers. Like the European, TTIP, TPP is treason. TPP must be stopped. Now! B.R-T. In the land of the "exceptional" a new, unjustifiable definition of journalism has over-ridden... Read More

STOP TPP: YOU! …are the “Technical Barrier to Trade [Greed]”- Part Five

Author’s Note: This is Part Five of a series on the upcoming threat of TPP. The previous report was direct from the 2012 San Diego TPP negotiations re-published by Intellihub to bring urgent awareness of the threat of TPP to its American and international readers. In this, the final chapter, an update and references to the full text of TPP are provided. Like the European TTIP, TPP is... Read More

Did Rap Music Pull the Trigger?

Within the forced anonymity of cold, hard concrete walls and non-stop, overhead fluorescent lights, rap musician, Brandon, "Tiny Doo," Duncan remains in jail. It's been almost six months. Duncan has no criminal record and knows that he was not involved in any crime. The San Diego City district attorney agrees. However, a newly fabricated crime, unique in legal reasoning , intends to... Read More

Justice Goes Deaf at Rap Music Trial.- Part Three

Nine criminal defendants are not the only ones who are on trial, here, in a San Diego, California courtroom. This trial, it turns-out, is more about the American legal system. Today, this court's irrational decisions, as attested to by the raised eye brows, sideways glances and sharp words of each of the nine defense attorneys present, proved, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the criminal sat, not... Read More

A View to a Kill- The Police Killing of Evan Kwik (a true story)

One. Two. Three. Four uniformed police passed my window... moving silently, even paced, side-by-side, thirty feet from where I sit. The four black from head to toe, locked and loaded, black gloved fingers on triggers, staring from under black helmets straight through the lenses of high powered black scopes down the barrels of black automatic rifles pressed tightly to the shoulder pads of their... Read More

A View to a Kill.(PART TWO): Slipping Into Darkness.

With one more gargantuan push I heave my ballerina-like hulk through the clustered thicket of towering bamboo, and over a flimsy webbed-wire fence that was more than doing its job well. Spilling ass over tea kettle into the Jan’s backyard I clamor up, dust myself off, helping her over the offending fence. We creep into … Read More

A View to a Kill:(PART THREE):The Message: No Need for Handcuffs.

After crawling about the back yard and both sides of the house, I had all avenues down pat. So, when the north side gate crashed immediately followed by multiple swirls of piercing white flashlights spot beams,  I knew my flowery nest was about to be tested.   ” He’s not in the house”, said a … Read More

A View to a Kill (PART FOUR): Bullets of Sunshine.

Regardless, the denouement of tonight’s final act wound down slowly. The threat that had been Evan Kwik was over. That did not mean the citizens could go home. There was still a message being sent.   The crime scene once again became a hub of activity. Shortly one of the ambulances that had been stationed … Read More

A View to a Kill (PART FIVE): Epitaph

A truck was coming, high beams piercing my shuttered eye lids. Police.   So, I got up and moved to the side. The early-morning freeze just letting up, dew settling on the leaves and on my shoulders. There was no time for going home. I made a U-turn and bee-lined back towards the police line. … Read More

A Freight Train of Opposition: The EU Vote.

A Freight Train of Opposition: The EU Vote.
 While EU leaders and their Washington sympathizers marginalize, rationalize, and excuse away Sunday’s historic European Union parliamentary election results, they deliberately avoid the greater point of concern. The people are coming. French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, called the sudden increase in new opposition Members of the European Parliament ( MEP) an, “earthquake.”... Read More

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