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Brett Redmayne-Titley has been reporting on-scene for a decade in an effort to provide better quality reporting from current events of geo-political, environmental and moral importance. Having visited over fifty countries he is a world citizen and life-long activist, political commentator and world citizen. The author has published over one hundred in-depth articles, many of them multi-part exposes, which have been re-published and translated internationally. He can be reached at:


When Your Bank Goes Bust…Run! Or… How Congress Already Stole Your Savings.

“It is easier to rob by setting up a bank than by holding up a bank clerk.”                                                                                                             - Bertolt Brecht Daily, a thus distracted public is told that the financial patsy for the growing worldwide economic disaster is simply a virus.... Read More

Trapped! (You, too.)

“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.”  ― Alexander Solzhenitsyn To divorce one’s self- finally- from nationalistic illusionary comfort. There is no harder decision any world citizen will ever make. To “up and go” is a decision that pits one’s developed reason against that propaganda; self-preservation against nationalism, fact against... Read More

From Ebola 2014 to COVID-19, or…    Propagandizing the Profits of Panic.    

Evil hides in the dark… the dark of its deeds forgotten. Without proper memory, déjà vu cannot warn one of the returning evil to come. For a public having lost this defensive ability the incredible unreported parallels between what then was Ebola 2014 and is now the Covid-19 alleged pandemic have been ignored. When today’s bio-weapon saga of COVID-19 is compared closely, Ebola 2014 can... Read More

Iowa: Where DNC Dreams Go to Die.   Or, …What a Difference a Day Makes!

After months of the DNC’s daily water boarding of the American public with their manufactured jurisprudence know as The Impeachment, these same political wizards of electioneering have in one day, Monday, galvanized the person they most detest. This week’s political disaster in Iowa rocketed Bernie Sanders into pronounced Trumpian front runner status and thus exposed the DNC – yet again-... Read More

Happy 10th Birthday Corporations! Or…How The US Supreme Court Forever Sold Its Gavel.

"Essentially, five Justices were unhappy with the limited nature of the case before us, so they changed the case to allow themselves to change the law."  - Former US Supreme Court justice, John Paul Stevens. This week almost all media failed in their duties, as did the US Supreme court a decade ago, to bring you the true and most important- and unreported- story of this generation in... Read More

China’s Growing Economic Miracle…(Collapse). Or… Everyone Pays the Piper!

In emulating the American economic raison d’etre, China has attempted to develop its unique capitalist model while ignoring that it too will soon suffer the same fate for the same reason: Unsustainable debt.  When examining the recent realities of Chinese banking and finance over the past year it seems the steam that president Xi Jinping touts as powering the engine of his purported economic... Read More

Nancy Pelosi’s Scripted Impeachment Disaster

For the voter, the Democratic Party no longer has any interest in performing its function as an opposition party. The charade of purported constitutional jurisprudence seen in the US House impeachment hearings should forever confirm this. This degradation of political will far too nicely coincides with the long term duality of current and long term speaker Nancy Pelosi who, while dressed in the... Read More

The Humane Obligation of Rebellion, or…Extinction Rebellion to World Rebellion!

The world war of Democracy against its people is now official. On Oct 20, 2019, Chilean president Sebastian Pinera publicly admitted the singular capitalist threat implicitly and silently embraced by virtually all politicians across our embattled Earth: Pinera formally declared war on his people. Said this corporatist salesman of the draconian and ever-expanding horrors of corporatist... Read More

New Ecological Disaster…Right Over Your Head.

Sixty-two years ago on Oct 4, 1957, the first space pollution entered the earth’s atmosphere from Russia’s Sputnik spacecraft. After decades of profitable degradation of our terrestrial environment by governments and corporations, the astral environment is cause for serious concern. Seen a shooting start lately? If so, it is likely due to one of the approximately 5,000 active or deceased... Read More

Huge Climate Victory!

Friday, Dec 6, 2019, saw the most important victory to date in the battle against Global Warming. Denmark’s “Climate Act” will entirely revamp Denmark’s climate policy - by law- and thrust it onto the world's centre stage by showcasing the only effective political solution: Changing the “system itself.” Eight out of the ten parties in the Danish Parliament agreed on the new national... Read More

The Most Important Presidential Election Question (That No One Ever Asks!)

Once again, the American voter has dutifully begun their quadrennial march to futility at the hands of another election cycle full of false prophets. None seem to realize or remember that the monocracy that they hold so sacrosanct is not- and has not been- a democracy for decades. Yet these societal lemmings, known as "voters," again prepare to exert their media controlled, fact adjusted opinions... Read More

Hong Kong: The Truth Walks the Streets!

“The revolutionary war is a war of the masses; only mobilizing the masses and relying on them can wage it.” - Mao Yesterday, Tuesday, July 9 2019, Hong Kong's Chinese anointed leader of the Legislative Council, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-Ngor, assured protesters that the controversial extradition bill was " dead." Previously she had assured the protesters that the same bill was "suspended." The... Read More

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